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Vir Das

Vir Das Comedy Videos

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Vir Das Comedy Video - CNBC News on the Loose

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Vir Das Biography

Vir Das Comedy Video - On sex

Vir Saran Das began his acting training in 1999 when he left for Knox College where he received a Bachelor's in Economics & Theatre with a concentration in performance. During his four-year tenure at Knox he was also a teaching assistant for Beginning Acting.

Knox was also where he first explored stand up comedy with his first (1 and 1\2 hour) special Brown Men Can't Hump which debuted to an audience of 800 in the college's main theatre. At Knox, Vir was given a Richter Scholarship for Theatre and the Colton Performance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Acting.

Vir Das Picture - Indian Stand Up Comedian

During his time in the USA, Vir was a cast member in three sketch comedy troupes. The Really Useless Improv, Improv Inc, and Illegal Aliens. He performed, wrote and developed 'Whose Line is it Anyway?' style comedy sketches with them.

After graduating from Knox, Vir was accepted into Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts for their Stanislavsky Program in coalition with the Moscow Arts Theatre. At Harvard, Vir trained as a method' actor for six months and performed eight plays with the Moscow Arts Theatre.

He has also performed as a ship comedian aboard carnival cruise liners between Houston and Mexico. Furthermore, he also spent time working the comedy clubs in Chicago.

Vir returned to India in April 2003 and since then has performed over a hundered comedy shows in all of the major cities. He has debuted six (1.5 hour) comedy specials written, directed by and starring him at the India Habitat center to audiences of over 900 a night. These include: Brown Men Can't Hump, Not for Members Only, Bored of The Things!, Who Let the Das Out?, and Son of a Switch! and VIRagra. Every one of these shows has sold out within a matter of days.

Vir started his career on TV when he hosted two TV shows on Zoom Channel. The first one was Is Route Ki Sabhin Linein Maast Hain where he was an agony uncle. The second one was his own stand-up comedy late night show entitled Ek Rahin Vir. Although early for their time, they got noticed and put Vir on the comedic map in India. Vir has also hosted Top Drive getaway for Star World.

You can currently catch Vir's comedy on TV in various different genres of entertainment. He hosted Cricket Firsts, a sports comedy show on Zee Sports. He did improvisational comedy on SAB TV's Lo Kal Lo Baat. He was an addition to the cast of The Great Indian Comedy Show on Star One. He can also be seen anchoring Now Not Showing on CNN-IBN.

Most importantly, Vir is the host of News on the Loose, his own news comedy show on CNBC. The show is a huge hit amongst the Indian audiences for its fearless brand of intelligent comedy. News on the loose was recently given its own Weekly half hour special entitled News On The Loose- Weekend on CNBC TV18. The weekend show is also a hit!

Vir was cast as the comic relief by bagging one of the principle characters in The Curse of King Tut's Tomb. A Hallmark mini-series filmed here in India. He began filming for his first two Bollywood roles in early 2006. He can currently be seen in Vipul Shah's hit movie Namaste London. Vir can be seen in more hindi movies in 2007 and 2008.

The Indian Express has called him 'a comedian to watch out for'. The Hindustan Times calls him 'simply hysterical'. Delhi Times has listed him as one of Delhi's Top Ten Dream Men. The Pioneer has called him 'The Funniest Kid in India'. Verve has called him 'India's only true comic'. The Indian Express has dubbed him 'India's Answer to Jay Leno'.

Vir currently has approximately 35 plays, over 100 stand up comedy shows, 8 TV shows, 2 movies and 6 comedy specials behind him. He is also writing comedic columns for Femina, Maxim, Exotica, DNA and Tehelka. He is 27 years old.

Vir Das press quotes

"A roar of appreciative guffaws fills the auditorium of the India Habitat Centre, Delhi, as stand-up comedian Vir Das delivers another successful punchline. Only 24 years old, Das is already a seasoned performer with an impressive list of plays and stand-up acts to his credit. Vir knows how to work a crowd and during his non-stop hour and a half on stage, he shoots one-liners with the marksmanship of a true professional."Verve Magazine PUBLISHED: Volume 12, Issue 1, First Quarter 2004

"As this young artiste projected controversial issues and portrayed complex human behaviour through his actions and witty dialogues, it was enough to send the audience into peals of laughter. At the same time, Das' efforts made them think seriously."The tribune Chandigarh, April 11

"News on the Loose is a light-hearted look at the day's business happenings. So, be it Reliance's new logo, Air Deccan's IPO or TV18's restructuring plans, nothing escapes our comic genius, Vir Das, who anchors this daily segment.News with views that is what most aptly captures the essence of this show with a difference."CNBC TV18

"And making it even more special was emcee for the evening Vir Das's witty one-liners that accompanied each of the 41 awards being given to the best food and nightlife hubs in the NCR. Vir Das made the awards so lively. He was brilliant and it was a rocking party."Times of India

"Have you ever laughed your guts out? Well, if you haven't then it is time to. A majestic 2 hour slapstick comedy called VIAGRA is being showcased at the IHC. This involves all aspects of a human life like sex, childhood, music, fashion and many other aspects that a human life is essentially made of. From writing an amazing script to being the playwright, he has performed every role to perfection. This play promises to make your guts laugh out and also be a part of this cool event." Delhi

"Vir Das' name brings a naughty smile across many faces. And when on stage, he replaces all smiles with full-throated laughter. Recently, Vir entertained Delhiites with his stupendous stand-up comedy act, and we spotted people asking for extra tickets. Vir didn't disappoint his audience the hour and a half long play Viragra was a laughter riot. He was in town to entertain. And that is exactly what he did." Deccan herald

"He is an irresistible force of nature who will have you in splits with his hilarious insights into everything under the sun including current events, politics, sports, sex, relationships, kids, couples, marriage and education Welcome Vir Das, we the grim were certainly in use of a few laughs" The Aravali Center for Arts and Culture

"You look around in search of a graying professor of theatre, instead you stumble across Vir - a youthful 23, bristling with revitalizing ideas." Hindustan times

"Truly nothing escapes this comic genius. Twenty -seven -year - old Vir brings a fresh younger perspective to life and its realities. DNA Ruthless, wicked, and simply hilarious. Vir Das is a comedian to watch out for. Looks like the diminutive comedian is going to have the last laugh for sure."The Indian express

"Vir Das, who effortlessly sifted between the dual roles of host and stand-up comedian and took up gender warfare like never before. Exaggerated version of male-female behaviour with subjects as varied as fruity cosmetics, shoe-shopping, brunette-brown-blonde mixes and planetary space rides had the audience in splits."Exchange for

"The mix of humour and fashion can be really interesting. Thanks to stand up comedian Vir Das who kept the crowds in splits with his smart jokes. We even saw eminent lawyer Ram Jethmalani laugh out loud at Vir's anecdotes."Hindustan Times City

"The show put up by Vir Das, the standup comedian is a huge hit among the crowd and I doubt anybody didn't like it! He was just too hilarious, after a long day of usual grind, the few minutes he entertained was just an ultimate refresher. He was exceptional in bringing sarcasm especially when talking about Indian Men and Women. The MS crowd roared with laughter as Vir delivered impressively on the accents of Pres. Bush, Hollywood actors to our own Punjabis. Hats off to your talent Vir! You do deserve a huge round of standing ovation!" Microsoft India

"This is a 3 minute program which comes on CNBC TV-18 from Monday to Friday. But I watch it on weekends when they sum up the whole weeks news. The weekend show is at 8:30 pm IST or at midnight. The anchor of the show is Vir Das and he has some other colleagues along with him to make parodies out of the week's news. It is really good for giving a hearty laugh.. It is a must see show, give it a try once."Yahoo 360

Vir Das TV shows

News on the Loose: CNBC - TV18
Now Not Showing: CNN-IBN
Bid2Win: Zee, Sony, Sahara, Zoom
Lo Kaal Lo Baat: SAB
TV Cricket Firsts: Zee Sports
Ek Rahin Vir: Zoom
Is Route Ki Sabhi Line Mast Hain: Zoom

Vir Das Profile

I’m a nice guy in real life but I’m an unequivocal bastard on stage and very proud to be so,” says Vir Das, laughing. In India, where popular stand-up comedy means laughter challenges on television and Johnny Lever, Das has managed to create a niche. He doesn’t do mimicry, doesn’t do Lalu Prasad jokes, enacts female orgasms on stage and offends his audiences to a point where some of them walk out. And, he does all this in English, but still pulls in the crowds. Vir Das indian comedy

Das, who grew up and studied both in India and overseas, first performed in India in 2004, doing his routine at a small show in Mumbai. That got him an offer for a bigger show at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi later that year. The tickets took a while to sell, but his act got a standing ovation. Television shows followed, as did his first Bollywood film—he played the romantic lead in Vikram Bhatt’s Mumbai Salsa (2007). These days, he has roles—“mostly lead roles, not comic characters”—in Aamir Khan Productions’ Delhi Belly, Imtiaz Ali’s Love Aaj Kal and a film produced by Manmohan Shetty. It is no wonder that he is surprised by his own success. “I can’t tell you how or why this is all happening to me,” he says, looking quite incredulous.

I meet Das at an editing studio in Lokhandwala, where he is working on the promos for his next show in Mumbai, Walking on Broken Das (he did the show in New Delhi in November). I get a sneak peek—one bit has him joking about the angst of an Indian male who has to get past the heavy, flowing ghagras to undress his bride on the wedding night. Das is offensive all right, and cocky, and manages to raise a few laughs. The two shows in New Delhi, he tells me, sold out in 14 hours. It will also travel to Dubai, Bahrain, Muscat, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, England and Spain.

Das says the exposure on TV and in films has given him the recognition to do what he initially wanted to do with stand-up comedy in India: “Take it public, work in big theatres and crowds. As opposed to Russell Peters coming down to India, we’re now taking India to the world.”

Offstage, he claims, he is not a funny guy at all. His mother Madhur adds that she never saw a funny side to him, and he was expected to become an investment banker. It was at Knox College, Illinois, US, where he studied theatre along with economics, that Das started exploring stand-up comedy. When they attended his first show in India, Madhur recalls, she and her husband had slid down in their seats in embarrassment. But the audience reaction and the subsequent fame took her by surprise.

“Some relatives who had stopped talking to us after seeing his performance now call us up for tickets,” she laughs. His humour is risqué and has left his “conservative UP family” a bit shaken, but his mother says Das is perceptive and everything he jokes about has an element of truth to it.

“The comedian is the guy who sees the ghost,” Das says. His shows will neither change anyone’s life nor provide any social commentary; he only talks about the small, simple things happening around him. “I do passive research, research comes to me in terms of friends and family and Discovery channel,” he says. “I talk about sex a lot because I assume everyone has had it and knows about it.”

He says he takes a hairbrush and rehearses the script in his apartment. “And then I pray,” he adds, laughing. There are no rehearsals for opinions from friends. What he thinks funny, goes on stage. “That’s why it’s a suicidal profession. If I can’t get you in the first 5 minutes, I’m officially f****d.” As recently as three years ago, in Hong Kong, he performed for an entire hour to complete audience silence. “You die a thousand deaths, but then you get back on stage with a vengeance. One in every 200 gigs is just going to be a bastard of a gig.” Vir Das comedy DVD.

That’s why Ash Chandler, the first stand-up comedian in India to perform in English, says what Das is doing is fantastic. “I have immense respect for anyone who can hold audience attention with just the spoken word,” he says. Chandler recalls how, at a performance at a corporate event when he had started out about eight years ago, the audience was laughing with him, while wondering “why the MC was talking for so long”. “They were looking for the ‘performer’ who would come and do something on stage besides talking,” he says. Vir Das indian comedian

Das is set to direct a television show (he can’t divulge details) and come out with a music album (with funny lyrics, of course). A few years down the line, Das hopes to be rich, seriously overweight and have a drinking problem. Till then, it’s the laughter that’ll keep him going. “Surprised laughter is my favourite,” he says. “But what I love is the silence. When I start a joke and then pause before my punchline, those 3 seconds of silence between a giggle and a punchline laugh, when you know something funny is going to come...”

Vir Das Profile

Actor and stand-up comedian Vir Das is busy shooting for two movies, one with Saif Ali Khan and the other with Imran Khan and in the meantime he’s also planning new comic act.

A trained actor, the winner of the Colton Performance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Acting, Das explored stand-up comedy with his first special — Brown Men Can’t Hump, followed by Really Useless Improv, Improv Inc and then Illegal Aliens.

When asled about Imtiaz Ali’s film, he said, “I play a funny, insane guy, a person whose mind is not dead! My character simply forces himself on groups of people, says something unrelated and walks out!” For this film he had to learn to dance to keep up with Saif Ali Khan. About his next film Delhi Belly, the funny Das revealed, “it’s a story of two boys” and the rest is “hush hush”. Before shooting for Delhi Belly, he had to lose a few pounds and study his lines carefully. “In Mumbai Salsa, I was more of a romantic but this time it’s different. I was seen as a witty guy, in the lines of Woody Allen — cool and suave. For Delhi Belly all I can say is I need to maintain my weight.” Vir Das free download

Vir Das Comedy Video - The first ever stand-up comedian from India to be invited to perform at the Comedy Store

Comedy Store in UK is one place where every comedian from the world wishes to perform. It is a prestigious club where legendary comedians like Jim Carrey, Eddie Murphie, Robbie Williams, Chris Rock, Mike Gunn, Rhod Gilbert, Tom Wrigglesworth and Steve Hughes have performed. It is also one place where audiences are not sympathetic to the performers. If you have had a weak start, they will have no qualms about booing you away.

Vir Das becomes the first ever stand-up comedian from India to be invited to perform at the Comedy Store, which is considered as the Mecca for all comedians. "You can be a stand-up comedian all your life but still not get an opportunity to perform at the Comedy Store. Hence, I feel really good about performing there," says Vir.

And to cheer him, Saif Ali Khan and Imtiaz Ali also attended the show. "We were shooting for Imtiaz's next film in London. Saif and Deepika Padukone play the main leads. I havean interesting role in it. While I was there shooting, I was invited to perform in the club." So, how did Saif and Imtiaz like Vir's performance? "They were
laughing and that is what matters to me."

The 15-minute performance was about how the world perceives Indian men. Vir states candidly, "The performance was mostly filth--lots of sex, lots of vulgar gestures and a few jokes thrown in. But people loved it." Is such kind of comedy accepted in India? "It is already accepted," affirms Vir. He is also quick to admit that if his audience consists of 2000 people, 10 among them always take objection to his performance. "I don't give a damn. My show is no less vulgar or objectionable in India. But one has to be fearless. If you think of pleasing everyone, you will never be original."

Does he fear being bashed up for his bold acts, "You might be bashed up for anything-even for writing a letter. So just have a good time and don't be scared," says Vir.

Vir Das torrent.

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