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Vidur Kapur

Vidur Kapur Comedy Videos

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Vidur Kapur Comedy Video - Clips from the Indian Invasion Comedy DVD starring Vidur Kapur

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Vidur Kapur Biography

Gay Indian Terrorists - From the Indian Invasion Comedy DVD starring Vidur Kapur

From Vidur Kapur's Website

Vidur Kapur (occasionally misspelled Vidur Kapoor) was selected as a New York finalist by NBC's "Stand Up for Diversity" initiative and performed as part of the famous New York Comedy Festival where he was described as "A comedian to remember". After an phenomenally successful showcase at the NACA National convention, Vidur's act is being demanded by colleges all over the US and he is likely to be one of the top 3 acts booked on US college campuses for '08 -'09.

Gay Indian Stand Up Comedian Vidur Kapur

Vidur was selected as one of the top four Asian comics in North America to perform at the world famous "Just for Laughs" Comedy Festival in Montreal in July 2006. Vidur and his stand up comedy are the subject of a short film called ³Laughing Out Loud ­ A Comic Journey² by director Shalini Kantayya which was shown on Steven Spielberg's "On The Lot" on FOX television. This film was voted as the favorite film by Michael Bay, Director of Transformers and by the other contestants on the show. He has co-starred with Margaret Cho and NBC's Last Comic Standing Finalist Michele Balan in MTV LOGO's "Outlaugh Festival on Wisecrack".

This May, Vidur was featured in a Reuters Television piece around the world on " Prominent South Asians in the Media" where they are interviewing Vidur and showing clips of his stand up comedy act, along with internationally known celebrities such as Mira Nair, Director of "Monsoon Wedding" and "The Namesake", Naveen Andrews of ABC's "LOST" and "ER" and "Bend it Like Beckham's star Parminder Nagra and Suketu Mehta, the Pulitzer Prize Finalist author.

Gay Indian Stand Up Comedian Vidur Kapur

Vidur has been seen in international media and television including, NBC, CBC in Canada, NPR, TV Asia, New Delhi TV, MTV Desi and PBS's Asian America. He has toured internationally including Canada, India, the UK, Ireland, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. Vidur was one of the original "Gurus of Comedy" in a show produced in 2003 along with Russell Peters and was nominated in the category of "Favourite South Asian Comedian" for the South Asian Media Awards, 2005. Vidur has also been one of the comedians selected to be included in a documentary on leading comedians in America called " Making Funny", which is being filmed at New York¹s Gotham Comedy Club on July 11th.

Vidur Kapur's stand-up comedy is based on the social commentary of a one-man culture clash. A South Asian raised in a conservative upper middle class family in New Delhi, an overachiever with a degree from The London School of Economics and Ph.D. coursework from the University of Chicago, a misfit in a family focused on arranged marriages and social status, a chic urban trend-crazy gay fashion victim in West Hollywood and Manhattan, a corporate executive from blue chip international firms, an immigrant to the US and a person horrified at being mistaken for a terrorist in a post 9/11 America.

Vidur Kapur Tour Schedule

Gay Indian Stand Up Comedian Vidur Kapur

Sun. Jan. 18th 6:00pm, ROCK FOR RIGHTS, Rose Theater, Lincoln Center, New York, NY

Sun. Jan. 25th 7:00pm, IAAC COMEDY NIGHT, Vermillion Restaurant, New York, NY

Mon. Feb. 2nd 8:30pm, ALL STARS SHOW, Gotham Comedy Club, New York, NY

Tue. Feb. 3rd 9:00pm, VILLAGE LANTERN, New York, NY


Gershwin Hotel, New York, NY

Sun. Feb. 8th 8:00pm, Canisius College, Buffalo, NY

Fri. Feb. 13th 8:00pm, QUEER RIOT, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

Tue. Feb. 17th 8:00pm, SRSLY LOL, Metropolitan Bar, Williamsburg, NY

Thu. Feb. 19th 8:00pm, BROADWAY COMEDY CLUB, New York, NY

Thu. Feb. 26th 7:00pm, The Tom Ragu Comedy Revue, Stonewall Inn, New York, NY

Mon. Mar. 2nd, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

Wed. Mar. 4th, Outlaugh Festival, New York, NY

Sat. Mar. 21st 8:00pm, Tampa Indian Cultural Center Benefit, Tampa, FL

Mon. Mar. 23rd, University of Virginia, Wise, VA

Tue. Mar. 24th, Berea College, Berea, KY

Wed. Mar. 25th, Eastern Kentucy University, Richmond, KY

Thu. Mar. 26th, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

Fri. Mar. 27th, Mary Washington University, Fredricksburg, VA

Mon. Mar. 30th, Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, VA

Vidur Kapur Milestones

Gay Indian Stand Up Comedian Vidur Kapur

Vidur has been nominated for a NewNowNext Award by MTV Networks LOGO Channel as "Brink of Fame: Comic". VOTE for Vidur Kapur on LOGO's NewNowNext Award!

Vidur rocked at the NACA National Convention '08 on 2/16 in St. Louis, MO and due to huge demand is likely to be one of the top 3 acts on US campuses in '08 -'09.

Vidur was named by as one of the top 50 coolest Desis for '07.

Watch Vidur's exclusive interview on Imaginasian TV, "Pulse - The Desi Beat" - Episode 16 Spotlight: Ami sits down with out and proud desi comedian Vidur Kapur.

Vidur was selected as a NY finalist for NBC's "Stand Up for Diversity" and was part of the famous New York Comedy Festival.

Vidur voted one of the ten sexiest men of 2007 by! culture_article.cfm?id=326

Vidur and his stand up comedy are the subject of a short film called "Laughing Out Loud ­ A Comic Journey" by director Shalini Kantayya which was shown on Steven Spielberg's "On The Lot" on FOX television. This film was voted as the favorite film by Michael Bay, Director of Transformers and by the other contestants on the show. Watch the film on FOX's "On The Lot" site at

This May Vidur was featured in a Reuters Television piece worldwide on " Prominent South Asians in the Media" where they are interviewing Vidur and showing clips of his stand up comedy act, along with internationally known celebrities such as Mira Nair, Director of "Monsoon Wedding" and "The Namesake", Naveen Andrews of ABC's "LOST" and "ER" and "Bend it Like Beckham's star Parminder Nagra.

Vidur was one of the 7 comedians selected to be included in a documentary on leading comedians in America called " Making Funny", which was filmed at New York¹s Gotham Comedy Club on July 11th.

Vidur Kapur's Past and Current Projects

From Vidur Kapur's Website

Gay Indian Stand Up Comedian Vidur Kapur

I was hand-picked amongst the leading queer comedians in America as a main featured performer for the Outlaugh Festival 2006 along with one of my all time favorite divas, Margaret Cho! WOW!! I was thrilled….and was in really good company with Michele Balan, Bruce Vilanch and Suzanne Westenhoefer! The series premiered on January 16th, 2007. I will be shown on Episode 4, airing repeatedly from February 6th through 13th, along with my favorite New York lipstick lesbian, Michele Balan of Last Comic Standing, 2006 fame. The LOGO show will launch a national tour HinJew Hysteria! featuring Michele Balan and me. Suddenly I find myself in the league of nationally recognized comics and demand for my comedy is growing me solo or with HinJew Hysteria!

LOOK OUT—we Asians are taking over! I was selected as one of the top four Asian comics in North America to perform in the ASIAN INVASION show at the world famous Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, in July 2006. This was the first ever “Asian Invasion Show” and boy did we invade!!!...with rave reviews. I had a blast and brought the house down at both the shows, one of which will be shown on the Just for Laughs digital edition in 2007. Go online to check out my take on airport security and Indians vs Puerto Ricans!

I’m probably one of the few South Asians to make it to Nova Scotia! It's COLD there in May! I was featured in the Ha!ifax Comedy Festival in May 2006. I rocked the Gay and Lesbian show with my original Indian flavah and killed at the main GALA show too. This aired on January 17th on the second episode of HA! on CBC Television in Canada…I may be coming to a town near you in ‘07!

I just about survived “Delhi Belly” and performed two sold out, riotous shows in Bombay and Bangalore! I thought I would get stoned to death, instead I just got stoned! Everyone showed up…Bombay socialites, fabulous models and glimmering glitterati…I gave the Vikram Chatwal wedding a run for their money with extensive coverage on the prestigious Page Three of the Bombay Times! The shows got rave reviews and I was written up in all major newspapers including the The Times of India, The Bangalore Times, The Deccan Herald, The Hindu and The Hindustan Times—my Mom had a COW! But I’m not done yet—I’m planning a HUGE raucous tour of major Indian cities in ‘07! Look out India!

I’m not going to spare the U.K.! In ‘07, I’m returning to my home during my high school and college days...The London School of Economics etc. etc.….to show them how I’m putting that degree to use!

I’m creating a fabulicous comedy extravaganza, co-producing, with Sholay Productions, and performing in a bi-monthly show called “Laff-o-Rama” at the Laugh Lounge. It will be crazy, colorful and very cute, featuring me along with a diverse lineup that will draw a crowd equally diverse in terms of ethnicity, sexual orientation, age and mental sanity!! The first show will be on January 31st. Come meet and greet my celebrity co-star of HinJew Hysteria! America’s Last Female Comic Standing ’06—Michele Balan!

Vidur Kapur's Resume

Indian Invasion Comedy DVD
Last Comic Standing
LOGO TV Promotion
Imagine Festival
Asian Entertainers
South Asian Comedians
Imagine Festival NYC
Under The Pink Carpet
Laff -o-Rama
The Gurus of Comedy

The Very Vidur Show
Indian Students Assoc.
National Association of Campus Activities

Homo Comicus
Comic Fest
Laff -o-Rama
The Gurus of Comedy
Pride Alliance Comedy
National Pride Show

Imagine Festival
We're Funny That Way Festival

South Asian Media Awards, Nominated as "Favorite South Asian Comedian"

Vidur Kapur Interview - 2008

Why stand up comedy over other career options? Was it instinctive or a smart career move?

Vidur Kapur: Well I had already tried almost every other career option possible! I started out as a Marketing Research Manager for Blue Cross of California, then worked in Strategic Planning for another health insurance company called Kaiser Permanente and then worked for a couple of presitgious management consulting firms, Booz Allen and Hamilton and Deloitte Consulting as a strategy consultant.

I also worked as a headhunter for Korn Ferry International. So basically I can say I paid my dues in the corporate world and enough to find out that although prestigious and lucrative, these were not smart career moves for me. They served a purpose in terms of teaching me more about myself and getting me a green card and ultimately citizenship in the US, but I was not happy and these were not careers that I instinctively chose.

Once I started following my instincts and intuition I stumbled into stand up comedy and have never looked back since. When I first began, I had no idea that it would develop into a career, I was just having fun and expressing myself as an artistic release, but things developed quickly and I now find myself in the midst of what has turned out to be the smartest career move for me.

When did you find out you were funny and that you can make a living out of it?

Vidur Kapoor: I knew I was funny a long time ago when I was a kid in India and could get family members and friends and others in splits by doing imitations and characters of my Punjabi Aunties and my school teachers all of whom were such caricatures. It never occurred to me in my wildest dreams that I could make a living or career out of it.

It was after I started doing it for fun in 2002 that several opportunities came my way, the first one being “The Gurus of Comedy” with Russell Peters in New York. Slowly but surely I learnt the craft and developed more and more material and became popular amongst South Asians at first, then the LGBT community and following that the college community and mainstream audiences. I started getting spots on television, and being recognized by the mainstream industry as an upcoming comedian.

MTV’s Logo channel had me be part of the “Outlaugh Festival” with Margaret Cho and I was also selected as one of the top four upcoming Asian comedians in North America for the “Asian Invasion Show” in Montreal’s prestigous “Just for Laughs “ Festival. These early developments indicated to me that I can make a living out of comedy.

You speak quite openly about yourself and about your family members. Does it bother them that they are subjects of laughing matter in your shows? Does it in any way affect your relationship with them?

Vidur Kapoor: There certainly have been reactions to this. As Indians we like to be private about family matters and keep everything looking good and normal on the exterior even though our families may be falling apart at the seams with disfunction. Its important to keep a good front and to make sure that people think you are a good and respectable family. I grew up with bullshit like that as most other Indians have.

The difference is that I reached a point where I felt it would be great to express my reactions to this and to talk about these hypocricies in my stand up act. That’s where the truth and the humor lies, and people can tell by the way I express myself and my humor and emotions that this is based on truth. So yes, for an Indian it is a rebellious and in your face, yet thought provoking and hilarious act.

I'm not afraid of offending people. I think all great comedians e.g Richard Pryor, Chris Rock, George Carlin, Bill Hicks, to name a few, have tackled controversial material which expresses their feelings and reactions to oddities about society and social stigmas. I think its time that for Indians to start laughing a bit at ourselves and lighten up and accept ourselves for who we are.

My family has had reactions. My Mom wanted me to take out references to my grandmother. But as I have explained to them, although based on reality, this is artisitic expression for me, so they don’t have to interpret it literally and to take it personally. Moreover it is sharing these experiences and my feelings towards them with audiences that creates intimacy and helps audiences to laugh, have a great time and also question their own lives at times.

Any heckling trouble/experience while performing? Any words of advice to hecklers.

Vidur Kapur: Of course as comedians we have all had to deal with hecklers, its part of being a comedian. Nothing to difficult or that I remember. Basically you learn how to deal with hecklers as you move along. My word of advice to hecklers is that they thing before they heckle because Im the one with the sharp mind and a mike!..If it gets out of control..i usually say, “I work alone here on stage, just like you the bedroom!’ That usually shuts them up.

Indian community in America loves you obviously, but what about the American people in general?

Vidur Kapur: Absolutely! I rocked at the National Association of Campus Activities National Convention in St. Louis, MO in Feb ‘08 and have become one of the most popular comics on the US mainstream college circuit and likely to be one of the top 3 acts for US college campuses for ‘08-‘09. Besides that I was nominated for a “NewNowNext” award as “Brink of Fame: Comic” by MTV. I headline at NYC’s famous Gotham Comedy Club and play on bills in NYC with upcoming headlining comics from around the country for mainstream audiences.

I just taped a 20 minute special for MTV. I think as an immigrant and a foreigner who lives in the US, I have learned to related to the general American population.

Any memorable/forgettable moment as a performer?

Vidur Kapur: One of my most memorable moments was actually the National College Convention where I showcased earlier this year and was so nervous right before I got on stage as I was performing before a mainly white audience of 3000 potential college bookers. The ectsatic response that I got was so amazing and overwhelming and also one of the most empowering things I have experienced in my life and in all my time in the US

Your comment on the DVD release of 'Indian Invasion Comedy'. Is it any different?

Vidur Kapur: It is different in the sense that it does have some pretty diverse Indian comedians on it and not any one of us sounds like another. Its so easy to become a “Hacky” Indian comic and do very typical material that everyone would talk about. I think most of the comics on this DVD have taken some risks and shared some unique perspectives.

Tell us about being a gay in India and then later in America. Can you imagine an open life like you have now if you were never to be out of India?

Vidur Kapur: I love the way the question says “a gay” in India.. Because that is exactly how Indians talk...”He is a GAY” gays are an object! Are you “a gay”??? Okay back to the question...being gay in India was horrific for me. I only lived in India until the age of 17 but went through hell. Vidur Kapoor comedian, Vidur Kapoor stand up comedy

I was a pretty flamboyant teenager and was teased intensely in school, threatened physically and emotionally, and was looked on as a disgrace to my family. I was a complete misfit, and really had no support system in India as a teen and attempted suicide several times.

I then went to the UK to study with virtually no self esteem and decided to re-gain my families approval by doing really well in school. So I graduated from The London School of Economics and came to the US to do a Ph.D. In Economics at The University of Chicago. It was in Chicago that I just became so miserable in that Ph.D. Program that I finally started dealing with myself and came out.

It was certainly much easier to come out as a foreign student in the US and I was far enough from my family where I didn’t have to feel the guilt on a daily basis. Once I came out and gained some self esteem and went to psychotherapy for years I was more able to hold my own and eventually found myself developing into who I am today. But yes once upon a time I was a miserable and petrified closeted Indian... I was “A Gay”

Things are different in India now and I admire the courage of gays and lesbians who have stayed on in India and who are out and proud and making a difference to opening people’s minds. If I went back to India now I could be open. Had stayed there and grown up there I really doubt that I would have survived. The issue that I address in my comedy is not only about being gay... Its about being different, whether you are a divorced woman, a homosexual, disabled, an artist. My message is about embracing that diversity and uniqueness because that is your gift to this world.

'Standard international condom size too big for Indians' comment.

Vidur Kapur: I thinks that’s bullshit!....As far as I know Indians are pretty well hung! But then I wouldn’t really know...

John Abraham shirtless or Ricky Martin shirtless?

Vidur Kapur: John Abraham any day!

Most beautiful man on earth according to you.

Vidur Kapur: There are many. Clive Owens is one of them.

Vidur Kapur Interview - 2003

When you do stand-up comedy, what type of material do you include in your act?

Vidur Kapur: My material is taken from my experiences and my life. I talk about my experiences growing up in India as a pretty obviously "gay" boy, and about how "screwed" I was discovering I was gay in India of all places. I talk about there being no visible gay community, basically one lesbian, who liked men! I also talk about my parents' reactions to me, and worse still the reactions of my cranky, battleaxe of a grandmother!

I talk about how I was teased at school and what I learned from these experiences. I also talk about my fantasies as a child, such as wanting to be an Indian goddess with multiple arms so that I could multi-task!! I also discuss a lot of our cultural contradictions as Indians, how we don't know about sex or sexuality while we are the ones who wrote the KamaSutra!

I talk about how we are pressurized into conservative and "prestigious" careers by our parents and how that led me to come to this country to pursue a Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Chicago. Which was not a good fit. It was like getting Alan Greenspan to do the Catwalk! I also talk about my experiences living as a gay Indian in America, and about the difficulties being stereotyped as "Indian" in a predominantly "white" gay community and what kinds of stereotypes we as Indians are subjected to.

I also discuss some of the other difficulties we face as Indians in New York, how we have to work extra hard and put up with all kinds of bullshit to get a Taxi. I talk about my challenges of being single in New York and how I have set out to find myself a partner!

I also discuss the upset I felt when people told me I look like a terrorist after 9/11. Basically a lot of my material is derived from painful experiences, because pain is fertile ground for comedy, its our survival instinct! I have had the fortune of living in a lot of places, India, England, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, and having dealt with a lot of characters in my life, so I also portray a lot of these colorful characters in my act, my grandmother probably being the most popular one.

Being an openly gay Indian male, how does the community respond to that?
Vidur Kapur: I have been amazed to see how well the community responds to me. I headlined at the Intense Comedy Night on June 26th and it was one of my best performing experiences! I felt totally connected with the audience!! Straight or gay, I think we as South Asians share a lot in common, and people want to hear about these experiences, especially to see if someone can find and express the humor in them. We are looking for something that we can relate to, and I think the fact that I share a lot about my life experiences, both men and women, whether straight or gay can find something that they do relate to. free dvd download. Indian Invasion Comedy

"...Indian men are either hot or ugly, there's nothing in between!"

What do you think of the "Intense Comedy Nights?"

Vidur Kapur: I have only done one night, June 26th and it was awesome! The crowd was amazing, the club wasn't big enough to fit everyone. They were there and they are ready to listen, laugh and have a great time. These comedy nights are a great success for the comedy clubs, the artists and the management and are obviously filling a huge demand in the South Asian community. I feel pretty certain that this is the beginning of a huge wave of South Asians in stand up comedy and a way of making them visible in the American comedy industry and Hollywood.

So how helpful do you think such an event is for up and coming comedians? And Why?

Vidur Kapur: I think these events are great and extremely helpful to up and coming comedians. I hope their visibility increases in mainstream media and on TV. Up and coming comedians need to have role models, as crazy as me! Moreover they need the encouragement to express themselves and talk about their experiences. Comedy is a unique art as it takes talent, but also the ability to share yourself and your experiences with an audience. Events like "Intense Comedy Night" are a vehicle to provide South Asians a vision of how to pursue their dreams and to feel free to pursue alternative careers that they feel passionate about and where they can express who they are. free video downloads, DVD torrent

How do you make controversial subjects seem so light and fun?

Vidur Kapur: It's the controversial subjects that are the most fun as they are fraught with pain and emotion and therefore have the most potential for comedy. Comedy and sense of humor, in my opinion, are part of the survival instinct humans use to deal with pain. I like to talk from my experiences, as they are true and nobody can dispute them. They are my experiences, observations and perceptions and the material is taken from my life. I can therefore take whatever liberties I want to find the comedy and fun in these experiences and to make light of them and make people laugh. Laughter is therapeutic and so even if you bring up a really controversial topic and then turn it around and make people laugh, they appreciate you even more for that.

Ok, let's shift gears, where's the most bizarre place you've ever had sex?

Vidur Kapur: The most bizarre place I have ever had sex at is my bedroom! Why? I'm going to leave that to the imagination of the readers. (laughs)

The ladies out there share their gripes about Indian men, but what are some of your gripes?

Vidur Kapur: Indian men are either hot or ugly, there's nothing in between, right ladies? Maybe a few shades of grey would be nice - do we have to have only the polar extremes? Also, the ones who have the money don't usually have the looks, so our ladies have to make huge compromises. But one thing all Indian men do have in common is that whatever they look like hot or ugly they think they deserve to be with the most beautiful women. Come watch me act this out on stage.

What would you like to say to our readers?

Vidur Kapur: You guys are fabulous! Come out to these South Asian comedy nights by and Intense Management and lets make our presence felt in the US media, television and entertainment industry. We are Desi, we are here, we are queer, if you are, so get used to it!

Vidur Kapur torrent.

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