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Vadivelu Comedy Videos

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Vadivelu Biography


"வைகை புயல்" Vadivelu

Other names: Vaigai Puyal
Occupation: Film actor, Comedian, playback singer
Years active: 1992-present

Vadivelu (Tamil: வடிவேலு) (born 12 September 1960) is a Tamil film actor and playback singer. Post-2000, he has dominated Tamil films as a comedian in various Tamil films. During his career, Vadivelu has won several Filmfare Awards and Tamil Nadu State Film Awards. He is renowned for his slapstick comedies.

Early life and career

Born in the southern city of Madurai, Vadivelu is popularly known as வைகை புயல்(Vaigai Puyal - meaning the storm from the Vaigai River, which flows through the city for his high sense of humor). Starting as a sidekick to the famed Goundamani-Senthil comedy duo, he rose to prominence after his role in Kadhalan. His Madurai Tamil accent (Tamil spoken in Madurai, a district in Tamil Nadu) is born to a father who was extremely poor and worked in a glass factory in Madurai. This forced Vadivelu to seek help from actor Rajkiran who was also from the same place as him. Actor Rajkiran taking pity on him brought him to Chennai, and made him an office boy in his studio. This soon caught the attention of one of the versatile actors of Indian Cinema Kamal Hassan, who was fascinated by the antics of this man and offered roles to him in his future movies like Devar Magan and Singaravelan.

In most movies, Vadivelu plays a simpleton with good intentions but lands in trouble because of circumstances or eccentricities of the people he comes across. These roles involve heavy use of slapstick and puns, which has led him to being typecast. His comedy sequences typically end with him getting soundly thrashed and a closing one-liner from him bemoaning his situation or antagonists.

He starred in the lead role of the historical comedy spoof Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi. The movie features Vadivelu in a dual role, playing twin brothers. His next venture as lead star was in the movie Indiralohathil Na Azhagappan.

Apart from acting, Vadivelu is also a singer who has also lent his voice to songs in his movies. He often renders traditional Tamil village singing and dappan koothu. Some of his popular songs are "Ettana Irundha", "Orendu Onne" "Kundakka Mandakka", "Oonam Oonam" (a song that inspires the physically challenged) and the hilarious "Alwa Kudukuran."


On 21 September 2008, Vadivelu's residence, located in the Saligramam neighbourhood in Chennai, was pelted with stones by a gang, leaving several windows and furniture smashed and damaged. The actor had taken refuge in a room in his home and was safe. Vadivelu is said to have suspected Vijayakanth because of a recent controversy that broke out between the two. Vadivelu had previously filed a case against Vijayakanth for assault and the final court hearing will occur on Monday, 22 September 2008. The attack may have occurred in order to prevent Vadivelu from attending the court hearing.

Vadivelu has filed another case on Vijayakanth for attempt of murder and investigations are taking place. Vadivelu has also mentioned his keen interest on competing against Vijayakanth in the next assembly elections and "teaching him a lesson." In response, actor Vijayakanth told a press meet on September 22 that Vadivelu's allegations are just based on the influence of people.

Songs sung by vadivelu

Recent filmography

Telugu voice

He is usually covered by Brahmanandam for voice in Telugu versions of movies.

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