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Utpal Dutta

Utpal Dutta Comedy Videos

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Utpal Dutta Biography

Utpal Dutta

Utpal Datta is a National Film Award-winning film critic, long associated with Bismoi, a entertainment Assamese magazine, and works with the All India Radio Guwahati, where his book 24 Frames (2008), an anthology of articles on Indian cinema was released as a radio program.

Personal life

Utpal Datta (birthday: 9 January) did his Masters in Arts from Guwahati University. later he did Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management. Started his career as Sub Editor of BISMOI, the largest circulated monthly of North East and Assistan Editor of RANGGHAR - a cultural monthly.

For few years he represented Assam as a special correspondent to CINEMA INDIA INTERNATIONAL. At present he is working with All India Radio at HAFLONG station, the public service broadcaster of India, in the capacity of Programme Executive. He is married to Namrata Datta, a writer and research fellow and both of them stay at Guwahati with their daughter.


Published books - Original work His first published book was Ami Kene Aachot - a short length play written for environmental theatre. The theme of the play was youth unrest set in a small town environment. Then he tried to explore a new ground for his writing with a travelogue Aparupa Andaman which first appeared in one of the leading Assamese Journal PRANTIK and later came in a book form and was marked as an instatnt hit. Then he came with his novel Naishajatri based on day and night life of working women of Guwahati. That book was also a hit for his unique qriting style and contemporary theme. In this book he used style from film, radio play and journalistic prose to find out his own way of expression.Mozartor Swaralipi is his only detective Novel, later adpoted to Radio Play and TV serial in Assamese and Hindi language. Though he is primarily known as a FILM CRITIC and his first book on film writings came vary late.His first book on film study is Chalachitra an anthology of articles written on various aspects of Film of the State and the country.The book was published by one major publisher of the state LAWAYER'S BOOK STALL. 6. Ki Naam Ei Premar - Novel, based on a real life love story 7. Maramar Neha - Novel written in a format of letter, translated into Bodo Language also 8. Cine-Quiz - an descriptive quiz book on film

Published books - Edited 1. CHalachtra Katha - Film study, Ist Assamese book on Film 2. Ekhan Swasa Mukhare - poems of Nabakata Baruah 3. Nabakanta Baruar Uapnyash - Novels of Nabakata Baruah 4. Satikar Srestha Premar Galpa - Selected Assamese love stories of 20th Century 5. Soi Dasakar Gadya - selected prose of Bhabedra Nath Saikia 6. Sampadakar Kothlait - Bhabendra Nath Saikia’s satirical writings 7. Nobel Bota Bijoyi Lekhakar Galpa - translated stories from Nobel Laureates 8. Amar Chinaki Tassaduk - Anthology of articles written on Assamese Actor - Director Tassaduk Usuf. 9. Anirban - Screenplay by Dr Bhabendra Nath Saikia 10. Kalasandhya - Screenplay by Dr Bhabendra Nath Saikia 11. Agnisnan - Screenplay by Dr Bhabendra Nath Saikia 12. Kolahal - Screenplay by Dr Bhabendra Nath Saikia 13. Abartan - Screenplay by Dr Bhabendra Nath Saikia 14. Itihash - Screenplay by Dr Bhabendra Nath Saikia 15. Sandhyarag - Screenplay by Bhabendra Nath Saikia Published books - Translated 1. Tuglak and Nagamandala - two plays by Girish Karnad, Tuglak was staged by Seagull group under Bhagirathi's direction.

Other works 1. Original Play - Godmother, based on women in poloitics - staged by Hengool Theatre 2. Adopted play - Kanchan - based on sexual harassment on women in office, staged by Hengool for two continious years, one of the major play in touring professional theatre of Assam 3. Translated play - Ayn Rand’s Night of January 16 - staged by Aikatan, Guwahati Dooradarshan telecasted this play to observe WORLD THEATRE DAY.


RAPA Award for Radio Production (along with Prabal Sarma on AIDS ORPHANS)
Special Jury Mention for writing in Cinema at the National Film Awards
Moonlight Media Award for Cultural Journalism
Jyotirupa Media Award for Film Criticism

1. Served as Jury member for Excellence in Radio Award 2. Served as Jury member for Assam State Film Award

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