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Sugar Sammy

Sugar Sammy Comedy Videos

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Sugar Sammy Comedy Video - Comedy Now - Part 1

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Sugar Sammy Biography

Sugar Sammy Comedy Video - Comedy Now - Part 2

Sugar Sammy is an Indian comedian from Montreal, Canada.

Having started his stand up at the age of 19, Sammy's content was primarily focused on being provocative in a similar style to his influences, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence. His experiences as a Indo-Canadian growing up in francophone Quebec as well as his time as a night club promoter found their way into his earlier sets.

Sugar Sammy Picture - Indian Stand Up Comedian

Sammy has been voted the Number 1 comedian in Montreal by readers of the Montreal Mirror, as well as winning Best of Show for the Just For Laughs Festival. He has performed in the US, England, Ireland, Holland, Hong Kong, Thailand, Dubai, the Philippines and South Africa. His 2007 one man show in South Africa had ticket sales topping 10,000, and he has stated his opening for Dave Chappelle in the fall of 2006 as a personal career highlight. In early 2006, Sugar Sammy appeared on MuchMusic's Video On Trial. Sammy has also appeared on The Comedy Network, Canada's CTV, and a Dutch television network. He has become a staple at the Montreal International Comedy Festival, Just for Laughs.

More recently Sugar Sammy has made guests appearances on several TV and radio programs, including CBC's Q with host Jian Ghomeshi.

From Sugar Sammy's Website

As one of the hottest, young comedians on the international circuit, Sugar Sammy has recently enjoyed considerable success around the world. Setting him apart from the rest, he performs in four languages (English, French, Punjabi and Hindi), has set attendance records and critics worldwide are unanimous in their praise of his hilarious material and his laconic delivery. named him "Comedy's New Rock Star".

Sugar Sammy's TV credits include a special Minorities Rules on Showtime Arabia that will air in 14 countries throughout the Middle East, Just For Laughs on CBC, Comedy Now on CTV, and he has also appeared on The Comedy Network (Canada), The Comedy Channel (Australia), and on Dutch TV, each timing winning audiences over and gaining new friends on Facebook!

Sugar Sammy has appeared at the Just For Laughs Festival four years in a row and was the first comedian ever to perform in the English, French and Toronto editions of the Festival. He has also appeared at the Sydney Comedy Festival, the Cape Town Comedy Festival, and has been invited to the inaugural Johannesburg Comedy Festival this summer. Sammy just completed a successful tour across Canada promoting his new comedy CD "Down with the Brown", adding shows in all cities due to overwhelming demand. He is gearing up for a Canadian Concert Tour in early 2009.

Over the last year Sugar Sammy has performed in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, Holland, Dubai, Germany, Hong Kong, Thailand, The Philippines, and the Caribbean. He has also opened for Dave Chappelle (a personal career highlight) and worked with George Lopez and Damon Wayans.

A tour-de-force, Sugar Sammy stirs up and samples the multi-cultural melting pot that exists in most urban centers today. In doing so, he presents hilarious scenarios and comments on our global society’s inherent contradictions in a brilliantly entertaining way, ranging from arranged marriages in his Indian ancestry, to his views on deviant sex, drugs and, modern day relationships. Sugar Sammy will have you laughing, thinking, and seeing life in a whole new way!

Sugar Sammy Tour Schedule

Feb 5 2009, 8:00P, WINNIPEG: BURTON CUMMINGS THEATER presented by Just for Laughs
Feb 6 2009, 8:00P, EDMONTON: WINSPEAR CENTER presented by Just for Laughs
Feb 7 2009, 8:00P, CALGARY: McEWAN HALL presented by Just for Laughs
Feb 12 2009 7:00P, VANCOUVER
Feb 13 2009, 8:00P, VANCOUVER: CENTRE FOR THE ARTS presented by Just for Laughs
Feb 14 2009, 8:00P, SURREY: BELL CENTER presented by Just for Laughs
Feb 16 2009, 7:00P, TAMPA BAY: FL
Feb 20 2009, 7:30P, TORONTO: WINTER GARDEN THEATER presented by Just for Laughs
Feb 21 2009, 8:00P, OTTAWA: CENTERPOINT THEATRE presented by Just for Laughs
Feb 28 2009, 7:00P, DALLAS, TX
Mar 12 2009, 8:00P, MONTREAL: PLACE DES ARTS presented by Just for Laughs
Mar 20 - 21 2009, 7:00P, LEBANON: Beirut
Apr 1 & 5 2009, 7:00P, TORONTO
Apr 9 - 12 2009, 7:00P, ATLANTA
Apr 18 2009, 7:00P, TORONTO, Corporate Show
Apr 21 - 26 2009, 7:00P, AUSTRALIA: Melbourne
Apr 27 to May 3 2009, 7:00P, AUSTRALIA: Sydney
May 4 & 5 2009, 7:00P, New Zealand: Auckland
May 6 to 8 2009, 7:00P, New Zealand: Auckland
Jun 1 - 2 2009, 7:00P, JORDAN: Amman

More Biographical Info

Sugar Sammy is the hottest new comedian on the planet. Hip, Young, MTV, It's Eddie Murphy in his prime with a mix of Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle with an East-Indian background. Sugar Sammy Delivers explosive laughs with amazing style and flair.

As one of the hottest, emerging young comedians on the international circuit, Sugar Sammy has recently enjoyed considerable success around the world. He has set attendance records and received rave reviews in comedy clubs, colleges, and theatres across North America, Europe, South Africa, and Asia.

Critics are unanimous in their praise of his hilarious material and his laconic delivery. In his hometown of Montreal, Sugar Sammy has been voted the number one stand-up for the last three years by the readers of The Montreal Mirror, Montreal's Premier Arts, and Entertainment Weekly. Sugar Sammy's TV credits include Comedy Now on CTV, and he has also appeared on The Comedy Network and on Dutch TV, where he won audiences over. He performed numerous times at Just For Laughs, the Montreal International Comedy Festival, and has appeared at the Cape Town Comedy Festival in South Africa.

A relentless provocateur, Sugar Sammy stirs up and samples the multi-cultural melting pot that mirrors life in most urban centres today. In doing so, he presents hilarious scenarios and comments on our global society's inherent contradictions in a brilliantly entertaining way, ranging from arranged marriages in his Indian ancestry, to his views on deviant sex, drugs and, modern day relationships. Sugar Sammy will have you laughing, thinking, and seeing life in a whole new way! In the past year, this rising star has toured in the US, Canada, England, Ireland, Holland, Hong Kong, Thailand, Dubai, The Philippines, and South Africa, where his one man show sold an incredible 10,000 tickets! A personal highlight for Sugar Sammy was opening for Dave Chappelle in Toronto last fall.

Sugar Sammy Interview – 2008

Get it out of your system: when serving the chicken vindaloo, Air India should have more than one toilet. Curry and mayonnaise don’t mix. Wouldn’t gay arranged marriages be outrageous? Ethnic comedy is more than just taking potshots at broad stereotypes. It’s also about how white people can’t do anything right.

Sugar Sammy, though, isn’t that type of comedian. His act has taken him around the world and landed him the coveted spot of opening for Dave Chappelle. As Montreal’s favourite comedian three years running, he’s known for his raunchy sets on the classic trifecta of sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll. And it’s all delivered with a boy-band smile and the casual intimacy of kicking back with a good buddy – who happens to be Indian. Not even seeing his act, people can’t seem to let it go. So, of course, he sets out to change minds, along with Frank Spadone, Angelo Tsarouchas and Jo Koy, as part of the Just For Laugh’s Ethnic Heroes of Comedy Tour. Sugar Sammy sits down with Fast Forward to talk about life as an ethnic comedian, his critics and of course, French philosopher Michel Foucault.

You’ve been compared to Russell Peters, well, a lot. Does that bother you?

Sugar Sammy: In the beginning, I didn’t like the comparisons to Russell Peters. People who hadn’t seen my act were asking, "Do you know Russell Peters?" But, you know everything gets compared. It’s part of business and I’ve accepted it. People see in the first five minutes that my act is different, a little edgier. I have a lot less of a filter than what Russell does. I have jokes about deviant sex with a retarded girl. When people see me on stage, I get more of an Eddie Murphy comparison.

As a so-called ethnic comic, do you feel boxed into certain themes?

Obviously, it’s part of your life. You have to address the fact you’re from a certain background. If you don’t talk about it, people are going to ask why you’re not talking about it. I do, but I talk about my relationships, pop culture, sports, which is all universal. You’re just not living the ethnic life. I’ll be hanging out with my Jewish friends and we don’t keep saying, "You’re Jewish, I’m Indian, and we’re hanging out. That’s weird." It’s not even part of the discourse anymore. It’s unique to Canada. We push a philosophy that works. I was in England and I could feel the racism when I walked down the streets. You could tell people were saying in their heads, "Paki." You feel it.

Do you ever get in trouble because of your material?

Some of my stuff is edgy, touching borderline sexist. People get it’s a joke, but some… There was a full-on black belt lesbian feminist who freaked out after a show, going, "Thanks for undermining women." Come on, I’m so over the top, it has to be a joke. I’m not a politician or giving a sermon. I’m just here to make people laugh. There’s no bigger social message within the comedy. People need to disconnect for a second.

Are you finding your audience isn’t doing that?

Most people don’t listen to just the surface level. They know it’s comedy. It’s the supersensitive ones in university taking arts classes who freak out because they took a cultural studies course. They analyze the semiotics of the discourse during standup and don’t have fun, saying, "I don’t think Michel Foucault would agree with this." I took the same classes they did. Foucault went out and had fun too.

Sugar Sammy Interview – 2005

- Sam, you began your stand up career at age 19. From what I hear, you had a pretty controversial first performance because of your material. What did you discuss and how did you feel about being on stage? DVD torrent, free dvd download.

Sugar Sammy: Damn, some how I was hoping you weren't going to ask me about my first performance. I still cringe when I see a tape, although at the time, it was a great feeling. After doing this for a few years, you evolve as a writer and a comedian. When I did that show, it was from the perspective of a horny 19 year old boy. Looking back, you learn so much in your 20s. Now I'm doing material as a horny 20 something year old (laughs), especially when it comes to women, my favourite pastime sex, and relationships. I've gained a lot of experience since then, I can't believe I talked about Punani farts and how unclean Punanis are!!! I still talk about Punani farts, but I'm much more subtle about them.

- Did you just say Punjabi farts or what I thought you said: Punani farts?

Sugar Sammy: I didn't say Punjabi farts, I said Punani farts. It's totally different, but I think you may be onto something. Now I want to write a bit about Punjabi Punani farts!

- (Laughs) God, I walked into that one, didn't I? Is there such a thing as subtle Punjabi Punani farts? I can't believe I asked that question! Any ways, how has your material changed since then?

Sugar Sammy: I gear my stuff to more of an intelligent crowd that doesn't want the standard Desi jokes about Neem toothpaste and the horrible food on Air India. I like to challenge myself as a comedian when it comes to my material. Whatever I write has to make me laugh out loud or else it doesn't make the cut. Most importantly, I have to be satisfied with it. My goal is to make my audience love every single minute of it and have a show without fillers. Everything has to be killer!!!

- Speaking of killer material, were you always the one cracking jokes and getting into trouble for being a smart ass at school, or were you a quite and weird kid?

Sugar Sammy: Nah, I was the class clown who always got good grades. Keeping my grades up and still having a sense of humour is what has always shaped me. I loved being the guy in school who always made everybody laugh. But honestly, my education was always important to me.

- Speaking of growing up, was it hard growing up in Quebec, Canada, in a primarily French speaking environment as a South Asian? How were the French Canadians towards you?

Sugar Sammy: In Primary school, I always bitched to my parents about sending me to a French Emersion school, cause the Provincial government made me. My parents also wanted me to have my education in English. Looking back, I'm so glad I had the experience of being bilingual. I love the French language, the culture and the women (laughs). I have to tell you, growing up in Quebec has given me so much material it's amazing. I do my set in French too and they love it, it's the first time any one has seen anything like this. I got asked to audition for the French Just for Laughs Galas and its English counterpart. I'm edgier than a lot of South Asian comics. Growing up in Quebec makes you a lot edgier because it has a European feel. Free comedy video downloads

- Quebec loves you and you're hitting other parts of Canada and the US now, how are your parents dealing with your career choice? In your comedy set, you've talked about your experience as a club promoter and growing up in a conventional South Asian family. How have you balanced both aspects of your life and do you have any interesting stories of how both worlds come together?

Suger Sammy: Me, a club promoter? Who said anything about that? My parents think I'm a Doctor (laughs). It took a while for my parents to get used to my life as a club promoter. They became more supportive when I turned it into a successful business. I paid my way through University and bought my own car. Having accomplished those things, they worry about me less in a financial sense. According to them, all I need to do now is find a Desi wife.

- Do your parents want you to get an arranged marriage? If so, is there a difference between the girls your parents pick versus the ones you pick for yourself?

Sugar Sammy: Well, my parents haven't really tried to set me up with anyone as of yet. I'm sure they'd want me to be with someone who cooks, cleans and looks after the house. That's all fine, but I want someone who looks nice too! I would want a deaf, mute woman who looks good but most importantly cooks (laughs).

- Right!! (Sarcasm) Moving right along, you've done a comedy tour in Quebec and also with Just for Laughs in Los Angeles and the Hollywood Comedy Festival. Is there a difference between performing to a Canadian crowd versus an American crowd?

Sugar Sammy: I like to do research and know which joke works in various crowds. I don't just do bits on the South Asian perspective; I also include things about how I grew up around the Latin, Arab and various other ethnic groups. The best part about living in Montreal is that the city is cosmopolitan. You get all sorts of people living there, which make for good comedy material.

- You also dabble in singing and your lyrics are very sexual. Come to think of it, some of your comedy act is pretty racy too. How is your family reacting to your material?

Sugar Sammy: My singing career is more of a side thing. I've had a few of my songs played on some radio stations and clubs. Other then that, comedy is my main focus at the moment. I recently did an event in Montreal where a lot of Uncles and Aunty Ji's were in the audience and I had to tone down some of my set. I did a cleaner version of my set and still got a lot of laughs. The last thing I need is to come across as crass and trashy instead of being subtle and witty. There's a fine line between the two and I hope to have my set come across as funny and intelligent. As for my parents, my dad actually asked me why my set was so clean that night! Who knew my dad would miss my racy jokes?! Thankfully, my parents are really progressive. I remember watching Eddie Murphy's "Delirious" and "Raw" with my dad when I was 10. I've always looked up to Eddie Murphy because he knows the difference between trash and class. His material still stands the test of time, years after the jokes have been told.

- I love Eddie Murphy too, I loved him on Saturday Night Live, even in "Mulan" and "Shrek"! Has he always been a strong influence on you?

Suger Sammy: Yeah, I love Eddie Murphy!! He's set the bar for my personal success. I hope to have an impact like him or come close to what he's done. Who knows, you'll have to wait and see (smiles)!

Sugar Sammy torrent. Sometimes misspelled as Suger Sammy.

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