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Sam Kinison

Sam Kinison Comedy Videos

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Sam Kinison Comedy Video - On The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson - 1989

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Sam Kinison Biography

First appearance on Late Night with David Letterman - 1985

Samuel "Sam" Burl Kinison (December 8, 1953 – April 10, 1992) (sometimes misspelled Kinnison) was an American stand-up comedian and actor. Kinison was famous for his extremely vitriolic humor. A former revival-style preacher, his stand-up routines were most often characterized by intense, angry ranting which was often punctuated by his trademark ("primal") scream.

Sam Kinison Picture - American Stand Up Comedian


Born: December 8, 1953(1953-12-08), Yakima, Washington, U.S.
Died: April 10, 1992 (aged 38), Needles, California, U.S.
Medium: stand-up, television, music
Nationality: American
Years active: 1978 - 1992
Genres: Black comedy, Satire, Observational comedy, Insult comedy
Subjects: human sexuality, current events, American politics, pop culture, religion
Influences: Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor
Influenced: Bill Hicks, Jeff Duran, Chris Rock, Jim Carrey, Joe Rogan, Tom Rhodes, Dez Reed

Born in Yakima, Washington, Kinison was the son of a Pentecostal preacher. His father pastored several churches around the country, receiving little income. Sam later attended high school in East Peoria, Illinois. He also lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma for a while with his parents. He followed in his father's footsteps as a Pentecostal preacher before becoming a comedian. Recordings of his sermons reveal that he used a "fire and brimstone" style, punctuated with shouts similar to the ones he would later use in his stand-up routines. He attended Pinecrest Bible Training Center in Salisbury Center, New York[1]. He was forced to leave preaching when he divorced his first wife, at which time he took up comedy as a profession.


Kinison's appearance on HBO's Rodney Dangerfield's Ninth Annual Young Comedians Special in the summer of 1984 is widely considered to be his breakthrough performance. Later, during Kinison's appearance on Late Night with David Letterman, Letterman's introduction of Kinison warned his audience: "Brace yourselves. I'm not kidding. Please welcome Sam Kinison." back to school quotes, sam kinnison .

Kinison played on his former role as a Bible-preaching evangelist, taking satirical and sacrilegious shots at The Bible, Christianity and famous Christian evangelist scandals of his day. Kinison's daring comedy helped shoot him to stardom. On several video tapes of his stand-up routines, a shot of his personalized license plate reveals the words "EX REV," a play-on term standing for "ex reverend."

Kinison was associated with the Los Angeles rock music scene and was occasionally accompanied by a touring band. He also gained a reputation as having a prodigious appetite for drugs and alcohol. DVD download. the Kinison breaking the rules

In 1988, Kinison recorded a novelty version of The Troggs' "Wild Thing." The record didn't make the Billboard Hot 100, but the video was a hit on MTV, as it featured cameos of Rodney Dangerfield, as well as many well-known rock musicians, including Steven Tyler and Joe Perry from Aerosmith, Slash, Billy Idol, Steve Vai, Dweezil Zappa, Richie Sambora, and Tommy Lee, and a raunchy "roll on the mat" dance with Jessica Hahn. In the video, Kinison played a custom Kramer guitar with a skull identical to the design used by Nikki Sixx on one of his Kramer bass guitars during the Girls, Girls, Girls era.

During one notable The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson performance, he delivered what began as a straightforward version of Elvis Presley's Are You Lonesome Tonight, which descended into angry ranting during the spoken breakdown, and then segueing back into a straightforward sung ending.

Some of Kinison's most spontaneous moments came during his frequent appearances on The Howard Stern Show. He made an angry phone call on-air to Bobcat Goldthwait, and he embarrassed comedienne Judy Tenuta to the point of driving her off the show. His most notorious stunt resulted in an on-air feud with Stern: he made an on-air promise to bring to the show members of the band Bon Jovi, with whom Stern was feuding, but they did not show up, nor did Kinison. Stern's reaction was swift and vindictive, and Kinison eventually apologized, but not before comedian Gilbert Gottfried and Stern savaged an emotionally-charged phone call between Stern and Kinison, in which both stars used the words "man" and "dude" so often that the playback was used as a bit on the show.

Stern and Kinison eventually made up and paired on Stern's pay-per-view special, U.S. Open Sores. In the mid-1990s, Stern purchased the movie rights to Kinison's biography 'reported' that HBO would make Brother Sam with Kinison being played by Dan Fogler.

In 1991, Kinison starred in the Fox Network TV show Charlie Hoover, in which he played the inner voice of the title character, appearing as a 12" man. The show lasted only seven episodes before being canceled.


Six days after he married his girlfriend Malika Souiri, Sam Kinison was killed when his white 1989 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am was struck on U.S. Route 95, four miles (6 km) north of Interstate 40 and several miles west of Needles, California, by a pickup truck driven by a 17-year-old who had been drinking. His wife survived the accident. Kinison was later found to have traces of cocaine, prescription tranquilizers, and codeine in his bloodstream.

Kinison is interred with family members at the Memorial Park Cemetery in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His grave marker gives his full name, the dates of birth and death, and an unattributed quote, "In another time and place he would have been called prophet."


Tony Scott's 2005 film Domino, starring Keira Knightley and Mickey Rourke, featured the Sam Kinison Monument in Needles, California. No such monument exists. The "monument" in the film was merely a foam prop.

Kinison was considered for the role of Al Bundy in the sitcom Married... with Children, but producers thought he would be too controversial, so Ed O'Neill won the part.[citation needed] However, Kinison did make an appearance on the series as an angel during a Christmas episode.

In Pauly Shore's movie Pauly Shore Is Dead, the closing shot is an epitaph to Kinison. Kinison also "appears" several times in the movie to give Pauly advice; Kinison's voice was provided by Craig Gass.

In the early 1980s, Blackie Lawless was so inspired by Kinison's routine at the Troubadour that he proceeded to write the lyrics for the debut single of W.A.S.P., Animal (Fuck Like a Beast), based on it.

Heavy metal band Anthrax sampled one of Kinison's famous screams in their 1987 song "I'm the Man".

Kinison had a fierce rivalry with fellow stand-up Andrew Dice Clay. In his special Family Entertainment Hour, he tells a member of the audience to take off his Dice t-shirt. Unleashed DVD torrent

Actor and filmmaker Kevin Smith has said he is a big fan of Kinison. He loosely based the appearance of his character Silent Bob on Kinison.

Rapper Esham samples Kinison on the song "How Do I Plead to Homicide," off his album Judgement Day.


Kinison Louder Than Hell (1986)
Have You Seen Me Lately? (1988)
Leader of the Banned (1990)
Live From Hell (1993)


Charlie Hoover (1991) (TV) ... Hugh
Tale From The Crypt:For Cryin' Out Loud! (1990) (TV) ...Marty's conscience (VOICE)
Bon Jovi's Bad Medicine music video ... himself
Mötley Crüe's Kickstart My Heart music video ... himself
Back to School (Rodney Dangerfield) (1986) ... Professor Terguson
Savage Dawn (1985) ... Barber
Breaking The Rules (2001 concert dvd) ... Himself
Unleashed (2009 concert dvd) ... Himself

TV work

Rodney Dangerfield: It's Not Easy Bein' Me (1986)
Married with Children, plays Al's Guardian Angel

Sam Kinison Quotes

If I get married again, I want a guy there with a drum to do rimshots during the vows. -Sam Kinison

That's when you know you're pretty f---ed up, when it makes sense to fall asleep... I was driving between Needles and Barstow... It's about 120 miles of desert... It's four in the morning, man... Hey, this is a pretty good time to go to sleep ... (SCREAMS HYSTERICALLY) So I totaled this f---in' car out, man!... I f---in' totaled it! And it made SENSE at the time! -Sam Kinison free comedy video download

There's no happy ending to cocaine. You either die, you go to jail, or else you run out. -Sam Kinison

'Charlie, why'd you do it?' 'I heard the album. I heard that goddam White Album. Why don't we do it in the road? Whadda you think he was sayin', man? No one will be watching us.' And you're sitting there going: IT'S A F---IN' ALBUM! YOU WERE ON ACID, MANSON! IT'S A F---IN' ALBUM! You'd have gotten the same message out of the Monkees, you f---in' d---head. -Sam Kinison

Jesus had a tough life. I read about that guy. Jesus is the only guy that ever came back from the dead that didn't scare the F--- out of everybody! -Sam Kinison

Sam Kinison Quotes - Comedy Quotes, Funny Quotes, Comedian Quotes, Funny Quote

From Wikiquote

YOU FUCKING WHORE!!! You used me! You never loved me! I hope you slide under a gas truck and taste your own blood! DIE! DIE! DIE! I want my records back! I want my fucking records back!
-Louder Than Hell. - Sam Kinison Quotes

The Russians haven't been to the moon. You know why? Because they're space pussies... You really want to impress us? Bring us back our FLAG, asshole!"
-Live from Hell. - Sam Kinison Quotes

This man had to be Captain Kangaroo for over thirty FUCKING YEARS! No scandal, no controversy, drank a lot. You would too. I don't think he knew the show was going to go thirty fucking years. "Goddamn it, I'm fucking Captain Kangaroo. Thought the fucking gig would last two or three years, I didn't think I'd spend my whole fucking life as Captain Kangaroo! I was an actor, I was in the Actor's Studio, I wanted to do Death of a Salesman, I wanted to play Willy. My God, I'm Captain KANGAROO!"
-Live from Hell. - Sam Kinison Quotes

I would like to sing a song for my buddy Rodney, whose girl Laverne broke his heart and let him down; but what Rodney doesn't know, he's got every reason to feel so low, 'cause, Rodney, she fucked everyone in this fuckin' town. YOU FUCKING WHORE!!! You used Rodney, you never loved Rodney! Remember when Rodney went to the ball game? You had your own ball game! You fucked the whole fire department! You were the fire, you fucking bitch — they had to use your fucking hose! Oh yeah, you fucked a butcher because he said he had the biggest salami in town! I know all about you! You read Moby Dick because you thought there was dick in it! It was the only book you read; you ended up sucking the book! I was best friend, you sucked my dick, I felt guilty — how come you didn't feel guilty?! 'Cause you don't feel anything, you fucking whore! OH, OH, you oughta die, die, you fucking bitch! DIE!!! DIE, YOU WHORE! DIE DIE DIE DIE!!! How's THAT Rodney, ya feel any better!?
-Singing a "torch song" for Rodney Dangerfield on Opening Night at Rodney's Place. - Sam Kinison Quotes

"Here's my man! It doesn't have to stay out and party with his guys!" "Here, let me see that...It doesn't seem to be able to pick up the fucking check, does it?"
-A woman and her husband arguing about a vibrator, Sam Kinison: Banned - Sam Kinison Quotes

"I just got shot in the ass with an infected load of semen! Who's the smart-ass?"
-Leader of the Banned - Sam Kinison Quotes

"They beat us, they beat us, they made us do their BLOW!
-A captive in a "Drug War" POW camp, Leader of the Banned - Sam Kinison Quotes

Today we're going to try and say his name...OH! OHHH! Can you even say a part of his name--OH! OHHH!"
-One of Sam's ex-wives on a psychiatrist's couch, Louder than Hell - Sam Kinison Quotes

-from "Sexual Diaries, Have You Seen Me Lately? - Sam Kinison Quotes

Well, life was tough, but at least I was able to live it out and I was able to face death and not be afraid. Well, now I'm ready to go to Heaven and be with Jesus, and...hey? Hey, what's this? Oh, God it feels like a man's DICK IN MY ASS! Oh, GOD!!! I'M DEAD!!! Oh, you mean life keeps on fucking you even after you're dead? Oh, it never ends! OH! OHHH!!!
-from "Parties With the Dead," Have You Seen Me Lately? - Sam Kinison Quotes

Fuckin' album sold two million records with a song called "Suck My Dick"! Like the guy got up one morning and went, "you know, today I wanna write a song. Today I want to write a love song. I want to write a song that tells how a woman and a man feel when they meet each other for the first time and they fall in love; I want to put into words feelings that men have always had, but they've never been able to express. All right, I think I'll call this song..." [Pauses, then the audience yells "Suck My Dick"]
-from "Rap Sucks," Live From Hell - Sam Kinison Quotes

You'd have done her. You'd have been just like JFK, you'd have been there in the Oval Office, Marilyn across the desk, your dick up her ass, lookin' out at the Washington Monument going, "you know, it doesn't get much better than this, doesn't it? President of the United States, dick in Marilyn Monroe, my finger on the fucking button telling the fucking Russians to get their missiles out of Cuba in twelve hours. IT DOESN'T GET BETTER THAN THIS"
-from "J.F.K.," Live From Hell - Sam Kinison Quotes

I didn't think it was that big of a fucking deal, there's bigger news stories happening. There's a guy in Milwaukee with heads in his icebox, but our top story is: Sam Kinison missed the Joan Rivers Show. It's like I'm the only guy in show business that's fucked up recently. There's a couple guys that, I think, have like outdone me a little bit. Like Rick Fucking James, for starters. I missed a show, I didn't torture a woman with a fucking base pipe, I'm not out on $500,000 bail. I'm not Billy Preston, who's going "ah, donde esta la fiesta?" How about Axl Rose, who has a warrant out for his arrest in the state of Missouri for inciting a riot, $300,000 worth of damage, 60 people injured, and I MISSED A SHOW!
-from "I Missed the Joan Rivers Show," Live From Hell - Sam Kinison Quotes

Sam: We want to bring him out. Here he is, Mr. Doug Bady, ladies and gentlemen. Doug Bady, the littlest fucking Outlaw, here he is! Oh, he's drinking a beer. That's alright. I'm just not used to seeing one of Jerry's Kids with a fucking beer, but... Doug Bady, a man that loves Jerry Lewis, appreciates what Jerry has done. And Doug, Jerry Lewis, isn't he wonderful?
Doug: Fuck him!
Sam: Jesus Christ, man, what are you saying?
Doug: He's a piece of shit, he's never done anything for me.
Sam: You can' can't say this about Jerry Lewis in Las Vegas on the telethon weekend!
Doug: Why not? He's never done anything for me, thirty years he's been running the telethon!
Sam: What are you saying?
Doug: That son of a bitch! He hasn't done a goddamn thing for me!
Sam: Jerry Lewis has never done a thing for you?
Doug: No! He's been doing this goddamn telethon for thirty years now, he's made, what, two or three billion dollars...
Sam: Who gave him the beer? WHO GAVE HIM THE BEER?!
Doug: ...I haven't seen dime one!
Sam: Get him out of here, he's fucking drunk! Get him out of here! He hates Jerry Lewis, never did a fucking little bitter BASTARD! YOU'RE BITTER! Take his ass off my stage! Fuckin' BEAT HIM, BEAT HIM!!! TAKE HIS CHAIR! BEAT HIS LITTLE BITTER FUCKING ASS!
Doug: Actually, what I meant to say was...I love Jerry. Great guy.
-Leader of the Banned - Sam Kinison Quotes

1985 HBO Special

You want to help world hunger? Stop sending them food. Don't send them another bite, send them U-Hauls. Send them a guy that says, "You know, we've been coming here giving you food for about 35 years now and we were driving through the desert, and we realized there wouldn't BE world hunger if you people would live where the FOOD IS! YOU LIVE IN A DESERT!! UNDERSTAND THAT? YOU LIVE IN A FUCKING DESERT!! NOTHING GROWS HERE! NOTHING'S GONNA GROW HERE! Come here, you see this? This is sand. You know what it's gonna be 100 years from now? IT'S GONNA BE SAND!! YOU LIVE IN A FUCKING DESERT! We have deserts in America, we just don't live in them, assholes!"
-On the starvation in Ethiopia. - Sam Kinison Quotes
-As seen in his first appearance on Letterman.

Lick the alphabet. It makes you appear creative, it's an easy diagram to remember, it's like "aaaaa.... beeeee.... ceeee." She's think you're from fuckin' Europe or somethin: "OH GOD, WHERE'D YOU LEARN THAT, OHHH," and you're going "A, B, C, D, E, F, G." - Sam Kinison Quotes

We don't WANT to drink and drive ... But there's no other way to get the fucking CAR back to the HOUSE!! How are we supposed to get fucking home??!! - Sam Kinison Quotes

[Rock Hudson] was on his deathbed, going, "It was that last fucking dick... god DAMN it, why did I suck it, WHY DID I SUCK IT!?!? I was ahead of the game, Mister! Million of dicks, never had a problem before--dick, dick, dick, suck, suck, suck; dick, dick, dick, suck, suck, suck. Never had a problem--IT WAS THAT LAST GODDAMN DICK!!!" - Sam Kinison Quotes

I was MARRIED for TWO FUCKING YEARS! Hell would be like Club Med! - Sam Kinison Quotes

How does a guy look at another guy's hairy ass, and find love? - Sam Kinison Quotes

There's always 30 or 40 Christians standing around, saying, "It's a shame that he has to die." And Jesus is saying, "Well, maybe I wouldn't have to if somebody would get a ladder and pair of pliers!!" - Sam Kinison Quotes

The Police report said they stabbed this guy 51 times....bludgeoned him in the head with a heavy object 13 times and they shot him I figure this guy's by the door on the way out going....YOU DON'T HAVE TO LEAVE YET, DO YOU?!....YOU HAVEN'T SHOVED A CHAINSAW UP MY ASS YET!....MY HEAD'S STILL ON MY TORSO!!....I'M GLAD YOU FUCKERS CAN HANDLE YOUR HIGH!!....
-On Manson-family murder victim Wojciech Frykowski - Sam Kinison Quotes

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