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Russell Peters

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Russell Peters Biography

Clip from new DVD "Red, White and Brown"

Russell Dominic Peters (born September 29, 1970) is a Canadian stand-up comic, and actor of Anglo-Indian descent.

Early life and background

Russell Peters was born to Eric and Maureen Peters in Toronto and grew up in Brampton, Ontario in Canada. His father was born in Mumbai, India, and his mother was born in Calcutta, India. He has an older brother named Clayton who was also born in Calcutta.

Russell Peters, Russel Peters, Russell Peter Picture - Indian Stand Up Comedian - Free DVDs, free show tickets


Birth name: Russell Dominic Peters (commonly misspelled as Russel Peters, Rusell Peters, Russell Peter, Russel Peter)
Born: September 29, 1970 (1970-09-29) (age 38), Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Medium: stand-up, television, film
Nationality: Canadian
Years active: 1989–present
Genres: Satire, Improvisational comedy, Observational comedy
Subjects: racism, race relations, stereotypes, multiculturalism, Indian culture
Influences: George Carlin, Steve Martin, Cheech and Chong,[1] Don Rickles,[2] Eddie Murphy
Notable works and roles: Russell Peters: Outsourced, Russell Peters: Red, White, and Brown


Peters used to DJ, especially as a "scratch" artist and still does it in his home as a hobby.Peters began performing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1989. He has since also performed in the UK, Australia, mainland China, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Singapore, Denmark, South Africa, the Caribbean, Vietnam, New Zealand, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Pakistan, India, UAE, Jordan, Lebanon, and the United States among other places.

Indian comedian Russell Peters and girlfriend

He has been nominated for four Gemini Awards, the Canadian television awards. He has also been nominated for Best Male Comic at the Canadian Comedy Awards. Peters has been featured at such shows as Montreal's Just for Laughs (Juste Pour Rire) Comedy Festival, the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, and the Edinburgh Festival. He hosted the Canada Day Comedy Festival 2006. Peters' comedy focuses largely around his Canadian upbringing and racial stereotypes, as he often parodies his parents and South Asian culture. Much of his material explores the cultural divides between many different ethnicities and upbringings in a way that includes many impressions.

His comedy special Russell Peters: Outsourced, aired on Comedy Central on August 16, 2006. The DVD version features his uncensored performance. The DVD has been popular, especially in Canada, selling over 100,000 copies. Outsourced is Peters' first self-financed special and remained on the National DVD Chart over one year after its release.

Peters new DVD/CD combo "Russell Peters: Red, White and Brown" was recorded on February 2, 2008 at The WAMU Theatre at Madison Square Garden. Peters and his brother self-produced and financed Red, White and Brown. Peters encourages fans not to be 'downloading bastards' with this one.

New sitcom on FOX

In September 2007, it was confirmed that Peters made a deal with FOX to develop a new sitcom, based on his experience in Canada. Peters says, "It's really a snapshot of where my family maybe was ten years ago" and he ensures that the sitcom is "Something that will be funny and honest."

Russell Peters and Kal Penn

USO tour

Russell Peters participated in a USO tour of Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, Africa and Greenland in November 2007 with Wilmer Valderrama and Mayra Veronica.

Juno Awards 2008

Russell Peters was the host of the 2008 Juno Awards televised ceremonies in Calgary on April 6, 2008. He was nominated for a Gemini for "Best Performance or Host in a Variety Program or Series" for hosting the Junos III. The 2008 awards received the second-highest ratings ever for the program.

New Performances

Russell Peters has recorded a new performance called Red, White, and Brown. It was released in Canada in September 2008 and in the US on January 27, 2009.


Russell Peters' popularity extends to several countries. In Canada, Peters became the first comedian to sell out at Toronto's Air Canada Centre, with more than 15,000 tickets in two days for the single show. He ended up selling over 30,000 tickets nationally over the two-day sales period. A total of over 60,000 tickets were sold across six cities.

Awards and recognitions

Russell Peters and Gabriel Iglesias

-1997 - Nomination for the Gemini Award in the category "Best Individual Performance in a Comedy Program or Series". This was for Show Me The Funny, from the TV-series Comics! (1997)
- 2004 - Nomination for a Gemini Award for his Comedy Now! special.
- 2008 - Nomination for a Gemini Award for hosting The Junos.
- 2008 - Winner of a Gemini Award for 'Best Performance or Host in a Variety Program or Series'.

Russell Peters Tour Schedule

Mar. 06, 2009, Stress Factory - Mar 6 - 8, New Brunswick, NJ, 8:00 PM & 10:30 PM

Mar. 12, 2009, Chicago, Improv - March 12 - 15th, Chicago, 7:30 PM

Mar. 18, 2009, Sacramento Punch Line - March 18 - 22, Sacramento, CA, 8:30 PM

Apr. 23, 2009, San Jose, Improv - April 23 - 26, San Jose, CA, 8:00 PM

Apr. 30, 2009, Brea Improv - April 30 - May 3, Brea, CA, 8:00 PM

May. 14, 2009, Houston, Improv - May 14 - 17, Houston, TX, 8:00 PM

May. 28, 2009, Addison Improv - May 28 - 31, Addison, TX, 8:00 PM

Jun. 09, 2009, Halifax Metro Centre, Halifax, NS, 8:00 PM

Jun. 12, 2009, Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON, 8:00 PM

Jun. 13, 2009, Air Canada Centre, Toronto, 8:00 PM

Jun. 16, 2009, General Motors Place, Vancouver, 7:30 PM

Jun. 17, 2009, General Motors Place, Vancouver, 7:30 PM

Jun. 26, 2009, Saddle Dome Place, Calgary, AB, 8:00 PM

From Russell Peters' Website:

"The Legend of Russell Peters"

Russell Peters is already a comedy superstar in much of the world. During a recent tour of Dubai, Russell sold tickets at the rate of one ticket every two seconds – crashing all the online sales outlets as soon as the tickets went on-sale . In April 2005, Russell was the first South Asian to headline and sell-out the Apollo Theatre in New York City. In June 2007, Russell became the first comedian to sell-out Toronto’s Air Canada Centre – performing for over 30,000 fans over two nights. In addition to this first-time feat, in February 2008, Russell became one of only a handful of comedians to ever headline and sell-out the world famous Madison Square Garden.


Russell Peters and Don Rickles

Russell’s last DVD and CD, Outsourced, was taped before a sold out audience at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco, and gives viewers and listeners an excellent overview of Russell’s comedic genius. As much a humorist as a comedian, Russell doesn’t really tell jokes. Rather, he uses his wry observations on the subjects of race, class and culture to illuminate our human shortcomings with the sizzling accuracy of a well-aimed laser. His quick wit and ability to mimic language and accents allows Russell to create characters of all races and cultures and forge an immediate bond with his audiences, regardless of their racial and cultural background. Outsourced has gone eleven times Platinum in his home country of Canada.

Russell has been doing stand up for 20 years and already has an impressive resume. He had a recurring role in the Canadian sitcom Lord Have Mercy and hosted his own BBC chat show Network East Late. His movie credits include the comedy Quarter Life Crises, My Baby’s Daddy and the martial arts flick Tiger Claws III.

It began in Canada...

Russell has been nominated for four Gemini Awards [the Canadian equivalent of the Emmys]. He has been featured at Montreal’s Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, HBO’s Aspen Comedy Festival, the Edinburgh (Scotland) Comedy Festival and many others across the globe. His TV appearances include CBC’s Comics! and two one-hour Comedy Now! specials on The Comedy Network in Canada. His Comedy Now! performance of February 2004 is one of the network’s most popular shows of all time. When fans placed segments of the special on the internet it created a global demand for Russell comedy and his popularity exploded. His Youtube videos have been viewed by over 20 million individual viewers. His website,, gets over 10,000 hits a day and alerts his many fans to his upcoming shows via targeted email blasts. He’s performed sold-out tours of China, South Africa, Australia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Jamaica, St. Maartens, Trinidad, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates and in 2007, was be the first North American comic to tour India.

In 2007, Russell completed two USO tours for the troops. During these tours he performed on the USS Eisenhower and in Iraq, Afghanistan, Djibouti and Greenland and was part of a special Thanksgiving Tour for the troops with the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Cartwright.

Russell’s comedy is rooted in the reality of growing up brown in white Canadian society. “My family and I are Anglo-Indian,” Russell explains. “Anglo-Indians are a community of Indians from India who mixed with the British when they occupied India. Both of my parents are Anglo-Indian and their parents were Anglo-Indians and so on.”

What's Next for Russell?

Russell Peters and Damon Wayans

In February 2008, Russell recorded his latest DVD, Red, White and Brown at Madison Square Garden.

Red, White and Brown was released in Canada on September 30th, 2008 with Warner Music Canada. Red, White and Brown will be released in the US on January 27th, 2009.

Russell recently put his February 14th, 2009 show at London's O2 Arena on-sale, selling an uprecedented 9000+ tickets in one day.

In 2009, Russell will tour with his 20TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR, which will feature not only his greatest hits 'remixed' + all new material. The 20TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR will go across CANADA, the US and The UK.

Russell Peters Interview - 2005

As released in last week’s edition of my newsletter, the hot news is out that comedian Russell Peters is the next great Canadian to plant some roots stateside. Russell’s comedy has been so popular in this country that it has landed him 4 Gemini Awards (Canada’s answer to the Emmy Awards). Most recently, he was nominated at the Canadian Comedy Awards for Best Male Comic. He has recently signed a television deal with Warner Bros. Television to develop his own sitcom, which is scheduled to be aired in the fall of 2006.

Look for Russell’s performances tonight and tomorrow in Toronto (Thursday, October 20 and Friday, October 21) at the Toronto Centre for the Performing Arts and in Mississauga on Saturday, October 22 and Sunday, October 23 at The Living Arts Centre.I had the opportunity to sit down with Russell at Lobby Lounge and Restaurant at 192 Bloor Street W. this week ( My thanks to his brother/manager, Clayton Peters and publicist Danielle Iversen (all pictured right) for hooking up this interview.

Most people know your special brand of comedy and that it embraces unique influxes of racial humour directed at stereotypes. How did it come about that you got on board with Tom Werner (Carsey-Werner) and his new associates Jimmy Miller and Eric Gold who are set up at Warner Bros. Television?

Russell Peters:
I don’t actually know how it came together – we have theories on how it came together. A lady named Kathleen Litery (sp) came to one of my shows at the Laugh Factory in June and she became a fan. She was having lunch with Jimmy Miller and Eric Gold and she mentioned my name. They did some investigation and found out that Jimmy Miller’s son, who’s 13, was already a fan. Basically, that sealed the deal I think.Jim Carrey’s people are the ones producing my show. Jimmy Miller and Eric Gold are Jim Carrey’s managers as well as Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell. They are the elite of the elite as far as managers go.

What exactly is a talent development deal in the U.S.?

Russell Peters:
They are going to develop a sitcom around me, for me. I am story editing and creative consulting.

What can we look forward to, based on a current format? I saw a reference to Ray Romano.

Russell Peters:
No, that’s the way we thought it was going to go initially. We’re not doing a family-based sitcom, we’re doing a workplace sitcom. It’s not an office though. It’s more of a relaxed work atmosphere.

What’s the most exciting aspect of the deal for you?

Russell Peters:
Right now, this is all the exciting part. Every day it’s more exciting. First, you hear that these guys are interested then the second thing is they propose an offer. Then you accept the offer then they fly you in and you meet with them and then they come up with an idea and they find a writer. You know, this whole process is fun right now.I’m sure casting is going to be even more fun because they’re going to build a really solid cast around me.

Do they have ideas as to who they’re going to cast or can you say?

Russell Peters:
Well, they’ve dropped some names and I was quite impressed with the names they dropped.

Who are some of the people that you’ll be working with behind the scenes?

Russell Peters:
My writer as it stands right now is Tom Brady – he was a writer on The Simpsons, he wrote The Hot Chick and The Animal. He also used to write on Home Improvement.

And that’s right up your alley as far as to the style of your comedy. What about the timing of this?

Russell Peters:
Well, it’s been 16 years in the making really. It’s multi-ethnic, multicultural. It will be very much styled around my act. So, there will be no apologies.

That’s how Ray Romano got started – Everybody Loves Raymond was based on his stand-up.

Russell Peters:
Mine will have a little bit more of an edge to it. (laughs)

Does this new deal mean that you’ll be touring less and living between Toronto and LA?

Russell Peters:
I think as soon as we get the first pilot episode written, then the touring will have to stop for a minute. When I can tour, I will.

Speaking of the tour, where will you be after the Canadian tour?

Russell Peters:
I’m between the two, I’m here, I’m there (U.S.). The Canadian tour is the Canadian tour but then we’re doing other U.S. dates as well.I’m doing the HBO Vegas Comedy Festival in November. It’s the first year for it – (Jerry) Seinfeld will be there, (Dave) Chappelle will be there, I’ll be there, Ricky Gervais will be there from The Office.

Are you weirded out by all this?

Russell Peters:
No, you know why I’m not? Because when I show up at these events, nobody really fawns over me because all these other guys are there. So, it’s kind of cool because I still get to be the fly on the wall.

So, the plan is to become a comedic superstar – who’s your favourite comedic superstar?

Russell Peters:
I don’t want to say that’s the plan, but I guess it is the plan. I mean, George Carlin is the guy I always liked. But, you know, he could walk through a mall and not everyone would know who he is. I mean, I think he’s a brilliant comic. All the old school cats I really dug – that’s why I got into it.

What pieces of advice do you give someone who wants to become a comedian?

Russell Peters:
Don’t steal material. It’s like wearing another man’s underwear – why would you do that? I’ll give you the same advice that George Carlin gave me – get on stage as much as possible, no matter what. The more you get on stage, the better you get, the more it helps. And if you bomb, that’s not a bad thing. Bombing’s good for you because it shows you how you don’t want to feel.

Other than George Carlin, who are some of your other influences - not just in comedy but also musicians, etc.

Russell Peters:
I’m a hip hop junkie. I’ve been listening to the music for over 20 years. That’s very much shaped who I am, and the way I think, how I look at things and how I dress, how I carry myself.

Canadian artists, who’s your favourite on the urban scene?

Russell Peters:
Kardinal, Saukrates – those guys are really talented. Kardinal’s got some really hot songs and Saukrates is an all-round artist, as far as producer, musician, artist, rapper, singer. And kos as well. I mean, all these guys, they all really do their thing and they don’t really try to do the U.S. thing – they’re trying to do their own thing. I think that’s the key to success – when you do ‘you’.

Yes exactly, and I think this is the reason why this break has come for you. You’ve got a unique brand of comedy with a global appeal. We have a very unique experience here in Canada. What’s been one of the highlights of your career?

Russell Peters:
Headlining the world famous Apollo Theatre in April. That was a real buzz. I sold it out and I tell you something, I was so in the zone, and the show went so well, I really didn’t want to get off the stage that night. I did exactly one hour but I really wanted to stay. It was the fact that it was the Apollo, 1,500 (sold out) seats, but it was the Apollo. Everybody’s performed there. I mean, considering that I grew up listening to Black music, every Black artist has performed there. So, I felt like I was in the shadow of greatness the whole night.

How is your (Indian) community embracing your success?

Russell Peters:
My community right now is at the height of my support – they’re right there with me and I couldn’t be more happy about that. There’s nothing better than getting accepted by your own people. It’s better when other people accept you too - it makes it all the more sweeter.

In your travels, what country stood out the most to you?

Russel Peters:
South Africa always. I love it – it’s beautiful, it’s hot. Durban, specifically. The culture - everything, it’s really cool over there – they’ve got the Indian Ocean right there.

What’s in your CD player right now?

Russell Peters:
I got this really dope mixed tape from LA, it’s called Jon Moskowitz Presents Blue Eyes Meets Bed-Stuy. Some guy took Frank Sinatra songs and mixed Biggie over it. It’s ridiculous! The Little Brother album is also very good – a solid album.

If you could work with any artist (living or past), who would they be?

Russell Peters:
I would like to look out for my brown brothers and do something with Ben Kingsley or Engelbert Humperdinck – those are both my brown brothers.

What do you want people to remember you for?

Russell Peters:
Being first. Trailblazing. I didn’t set out to become that but when you find out that you are that, it’s even cooler to know. There were other Indian guys that may have tried it before me, but then I found one guy was Trinidadian posing as an Indian, one guy was Iranian posing as an Indian. I’m the real deal baby! (laughs) So, it’s really cool that I’m the first. And like Grandmaster Flash said - it doesn’t matter who comes after me or who’s better than me, the fact of the matter is that I was the first.

Russell Peters Interview - 2007

Q: How are you? I appreciate you talking to me. Certainly you don't need any help from the media to sell your shows.
Russell Peters: (laughing) The media's never exactly ever helped me in the past.

Q: Oh, really?
Russell Peters: I'm friends with them now.

Q: Were you trying to get attention and people were ignoring you?
Russell Peters: Yeah, people were like, "Oh look, Ron whatever-his-name-is is coming to town!"

Q: Ron James?
Russell Peters: Yeah, Ron James. "Oh look, Jimmy Flynn!" (laughs)

Q: So now is your chance to go "Screw you, media!"
Russell Peters: Yeah.

Q: I see you've added a fourth show to the Orpheum. This is just unheard of.
Russell Peters: I know. We tried to get GM Place but it was booked.

Q: Really? Wow.
Russell Peters: Yeah. I did two nights at the ACC in Toronto.

Q: When was that?
Russell Peters: Well, it's coming up next week. In exactly one week. Monday and Tuesday next week.

Q: That's got to be a thrill for you.
Russell Peters: Uh, it's a thrill and a good way of learning how to shit your pants.

Q: How many does it seat?
Russell Peters: The way we have it configured, 14,500.

Q: And two shows.
Russell Peters: So 29,000 tickets.

Q: Are you just constantly pinching yourself seeing if this is all real?
Russell Peters: I am. It's funny to me because I don't really get caught up in the hype because I don't live here anymore. So I don't hear any of the hype. I'm very far away from it. I'm trying to create other buzz in other places so to me I'm still working on it all the time. But when I come home and I see other comics and people that I used to work with out here... I have a phenomenal memory. I remember every single thing that anybody ever said to me, ever did to me, who was nice to me, and who was not nice to me. In the business, at least. And I see how these guys react to me. It's all smiles and "I'm so glad to see ya! You're doing really well!" I'm like, "Wait, I remember you being a dick to me back in the day."

Q: It teaches you something, doesn't it?
Russell Peters: It really does. And my thing is, how does he know? I didn't tell him. And then I'm like I guess there's a lot of hype going on while I'm not around.

Q: But you're big everywhere, too. Or is it the biggest in Canada?
Russell Peters: I'm definitely the biggest in Canada. The fans in Canada have been there since day one. They're the originals. When people say that's your roots, that's literally my roots. I've just cut this tree off and replanted it somewhere else and it started growing, but the roots are still here.

Q: You're in Los Angeles now?
Russel Peters: Yeah.

Q: I saw you at Yuk Yuk's maybe the last time you played there.
Russell Peters: At the Century Plaza Hotel?

Q: Yes.
Russell Peters: That would have been... That was Halloween weekend in 2002.

Q: Your memory is phenomenal.
Russell Peters: I remember that Thursday was October 31st that year. And the club wasn't full because it was Halloween. And I go, "I'm losing frickin' people to Halloween? How does that work?"

Q: It was full the night I was there so it couldn't have been Halloween night.
Russell Peters: The rest of the weekend was sold out but the first night it was not.
Russell Peters

Q: How did you transition from playing the clubs into a superstar? It just seemed to happen all of a sudden. I know you've been at it for, like, 17 years.
Russell Peters: Eighteen years.

Q: But there was a moment when you went from club comic, and doing the odd bit of TV, to superstar status.
Russell Peters: I really don't know how it happened. I know the internet did it, really, for the most part, but still, there's lots of guys on the internet. I don't know what made it pop for me.

Q: And it wasn't something you did. You didn't set out to flood the internet with yourself.
Russell Peters: No, I never did that ever. I'm still a jackass. I still only know how to check my e-mail.

Q: So somebody out there did it and you're happy about it.
Russell Peters: Yeah. I'm definitely not mad at it. (laughs)

Q: Your career reminds me, not in style but in the way it's happened, of Dane Cook and Brian Regan. Real grassroots support without the aid of a weekly series. And you might even be bigger than them because you play the whole planet.
Russell Peters: Well, Dane's definitely the biggest one in North America. Or America, at least. And Brian I'm not too familiar with.

Q: Did you hear about Dane Cook at Yuk Yuk's?
Russell Peters: They turned the mike off on him?

Q: Yeah. I was there for that, too. They started blaring music to get him off the stage.
Russell Peters: That is not cool. That's Canada. No appreciation when a star walks in.

Q: How many countries have you played?
Russell Peters: I think the only continent left is South America, because they don't speak English.

Q: And Antarctica.
Russell Peters: Oh yes, Antarctica.

Q: Were you skeptical at first going to some of these places? Or were you just going, "Let's just see what happens"?
Russell Peters: I knew there were fans there but I didn't know how rabid the fans were. I went to Dubai in March and they had riots in the store when my tickets went on sale. The computer crashed because there was an overload of how many people wanted tickets. We were only going to go in and do one show. So people actually started getting into fistfights over tickets in Dubai. So they called us right away and they added a second show, that sold out. So then we added a third, then we added a fourth.

Q: And these aren't just ex-pats, are they?
Russell Peters: No, that's the thing. I was expecting it to be mostly ex-pats because Dubai's demographic, 52 percent of the population is Indian. I was expecting maybe they're ex-pats, maybe they're all Indians. I walk out on stage and about 80 percent of the audience is Arab. And it's not like they were just there, like, "Let's see what this guy's all about." They were fans. They were like into it. I actually talk about it in my new show right now.

Q: I saw the DVD [Outsourced]. And this show is completely different?
Russell Peters: Completely different.

Q: And now do you have a chunk on Arabs?
Russell Peters: Absolutely. I kept getting e-mails from Arab kids going, "Hey, why did you forget about the Arabs?" It's funny because people are more complaining to me asking me why I didn't pick on them.

Q: It's like an honour, isn't it? It's like being insulted by Don Rickles.
Russell Peters: I guess, yeah. I love Don, too.

Q: I spoke to Derek Edwards a couple weeks ago and he said that American comics, he finds, don't take the joke right to the end because the audiences don't expect it. Whereas in Canada, they do. Is Canada a great training ground for comedy?
Russell Peters: I think nowadays, the new style of comedy in the States is guys really booking a joke. A lot of guys took a page out of Dane Cook's comedy and are really just going for that energy and really selling the shit out of a joke. Every now and then a guy comes along and changes the game a little. If you watch Dane Cook or Carlos Mencia or Jo Koy, you'll notice their energy is always up and they'll sell the shit out of it. Now, the difference between the three of them is Jo's hilarious. So funny. His energy's up there but his material backs it up, you know? And Dane will sell you something that nobody else could sell you. He'll tell you the carpet is green if the carpet is green and he will make you laugh at the fact that the carpet is green because of the way he tells it to you. And Mencia will just yell and his fans will laugh.

Q: What about playing all the tiny little towns that you've had to play in Canada just developing your act over the years?
Russell Peters: I played all of the interior back in the day, Penticton, Kamloops, Cranbrook, Vernon. Vancouver, Vancouver Island. I did every inch of Alberta. Saskatchewan.

Q: Does it help?
Russell Peters: Of course, everything helps. I've always equated comedy to boxing. All those little towns are just little fighters that you're fighting along the way to get to the title.

Q: Did you have that perspective back then?
Russell Peters: Yeah. I always knew that I wanted to make it; I just didn't know that I would. I mean, I always told people I would but I honestly didn't believe it.

Q: Or even how to go about doing it?
Russell Peters: I didn't know. But the whole way I knew these are the means in which I gotta go in order to get to where I need to get to.

Q: How did you get started? What put you up on the stage to begin with?
Russell Peters: I don't know. I'd just turned 19. I was working in shipping and receiving at the Toronto Star.

Q: That's why you hate the media!
Russell Peters: Yeah, fuck the media and their heavy newspapers! (laughs) Can't you just e-mail the news out?

Q: Were you always the funny guy making your friends laugh?
Russell Peters: Yeah, I made my friends laugh. But everybody has the one friend that makes them all laugh. And amateur night was always full of the one guy who made their friends laugh. And some would only be able to make their friends laugh. (laughs)

Q: When you got up there, was it a slap in the face?
Russell Peters: I was terrible.

Q: What were you like?
Russell Peters: My friends laughed! (laughs) No, they didn't even. That's how bad I was; my friends didn't even laugh. They were like, "Ooh, okay. Maybe he's not funny." I mean, I didn't bomb. Retrospectively I'm sure I did, but at the time I heard a couple of snickers of laughter and I was like, "Okay, that's good, I can try this again." It wasn't uncomfortably silent.

Q: How soon after that did you get back up?
Russell Peters: I went back up about two months later.

Q: At what point did you realize you could make a living at it?
Russell Peters: I think I quit working at a steady job around '94 or '95. Around late '94. And started going out on the road then. I went on amateur night for, like, four years, which nowadays is pretty unheard of. There are guys come and do amateur night for like a week and they're getting work the next week.

Q: You're like the old-timer now going, "In my day...".
Russell Peters: I really feel like that now, too, you know? It's funny because when I came in in '89, all these older comics were telling me about how I missed the heyday: "Ah, you should have been here in the early '80s. They'd have limos and bitches and coke and weed." I'm like, "Oh well." So I came in right as comedy had died because of Evening at the Improv and Comedy on the Road and stuff like that.

Q: And now you look back on that time as the heyday.
Russell Peters: I honestly think to myself I couldn't have come in at a better time.

Q: Why's that?
Russell Peters: Because I didn't have any pressure of trying to get on A&E. I didn't have any pressures of trying to do this, trying to do that. There was nothing for us to do. It died. It effectively had died. Dice was the last big rock star in comedy.

Q: Speaking of Dane Cook and you and Dice, guys who have played arenas, is it harder or easier the bigger you get? I'm thinking of when fans get to your punchlines before you do.
Russell Peters: That's why you gotta change your material all the time. Because as far as material goes, it's harder. As far as getting your act as polished and as sharp as it was initially, it's harder because there are so many other factors. It's harder to get into the clubs to make it happen because you're on the road.

Q: Do you work out new material on stage or do you drop in at clubs?
Russell Peters: I go to the Laugh Factory and the Improv. I go around. It's funny, Dane and I are friends so I called Dane when I got the ACC shows and asked him what I should do for an opener, and blah blah blah. And he had some good advice.

Q: There's no protection of his scene.
Russell Peters: No, not at all. We have really different demographics. I think he's pretty secure in his position.

Q: You've always done the racial humour, but are you doing it more now since you've hit it big? You used to do other material, didn't you?
Russell Peters: Yeah. Now it's a more concerted effort to try and hit every ethnic group before I quit this style of comedy. (laughs) I don't want to leave it open to other people to try and mess with. This tour here is my last round of cultural humour before I start writing in another direction for the next tour. There are some things in there already. I performed on the USS Eisenhower, that's in my act. I describe that whole tour and what that was like, performing on an aircraft carrier.

Q: So you'll have all these diehard fans who will then be more accepting of anything you have to say.
Russell Peters: We're hoping.

Q: I know you say people ask you to make fun of their background, but does anyone ever take it the wrong way?
Russell Peters: The thing is, if they do do that, they're really missing the point of what I'm doing. Because my intention is never to get that reaction; my intention is to make you laugh. And because of the way I write, I don't write from a place of "I think this is what happens", I make sure I know what the real deal is. Somebody said something to me the other day and I said, "You're going to really have to read a history book before you start challenging me on things." I'm trying to remember what the guy said to me. It even made me feel good because I felt clever. (laughs) And that doesn't happen often. It'll come to me shortly.

Q: So much for your memory.
Russell Peters: I know. I got memory for things in my career not people in the street.

Q: What about the reaction from the Indo community? Is it universal love and affection for you or are there some going, "Don't talk about this!"
Russell Peters: I only see the positive. I'm one of those guys who ignores the negative because negativity will bring you down. It sounds cliché but it really will.

Q: I'm going to write that down. Had you spent much time in India before touring there?
Russell Peters: No. That's why it was really cool to do that.

Q: So it was your first time there?
Russell Peters: First time performing there. I had been to India as a kid. Your parents take you to see your grandparents, that kind of stuff.

Q: But to go there as Russell Peters, Celebrity, is different.
Russell Peters: I'd been there as Russell Don't-Play-In-The-Streets, but this was my first time as, [acts like a screaming fan] "Russell Peters!"

Q: Were you more nervous than usual?
Russell Peters: I talk about it in my act, too. I really just pull from what's happening in my life. That's how I write material. People always say, "You do racial comedy." And I don't, exactly. I do cultural comedy. Because race and culture are two very different things. They're extremely different. There's black people from America and then there's black people from Africa. Racially they're the same; culturally they're extremely different.

Q: Right. Like North American Indian as opposed to India Indian.
Russell Peters: Well, no, because they're not Indian. They're not even from India.

Q: I meant people like you, born and raised in North America as opposed to...
Russell Peters: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Right. They call us ABC's. I don't like that term. It sounds stupid.

Q: What does it stand for?
Russell Peters: American Born Confused.

Q: Are you still trying to get a sitcom?
Russell Peters: We're working on something.

Q: Are you taking acting classes or are you a natural?
Russell Peters: I do take acting classes, much as I would like to think I'm a natural. My acting coach says I have great instincts but she could just be very encouraging.

Q: When was the last time you bombed?
Russell Peters: Man, that can happen any time, any night.

Q: Not so much anymore, though? Is that a relative bombing?
Russell Peters: I guess it's relative. But either way, it never feels good. I think the minute you think you're above bombing, that's when you're going to take it in the ass. No, no comic is ever above bombing.

Q: And I guess there's more pressure when they're paying specifically to see you.
Russell Peters: Yeah, when people know you, the expectations are higher. It's never out of the question. It's the same thing with boxing. You always have the chance to get knocked out. Never underestimate your opponent, no matter how much of a creampuff you think he is.

Q: Did you ever box yourself?
Russell Peters: Yeah, nine years. I think that's why I do the boxing comparisons all the time.

Q: I read on your website that you're not a fan of the Bollywood films.
Russell Peters: It's not that I'm not a fan. It's just that if you gave me the option between cutting my testicles off or making me watch one of those films, I'll be like, "Get those knives sharpened up, would you?"

Q: Is this something you'd dare to say on stage?
Russell Peters: I said it in India!

Q: How did they take that?
Russell Peters: They loved it. I said it in India with Bollywood actors in the audience and I pointed to them and said, "Your acting in your movies is shit." (laughs) And the audience went nuts.

Q: Man, you could cut off your balls because they're big enough.
Russell Peters: If it were a matter of opinion, like horror movies. Some people like them, some people don't. "I'm sure they're good, but it's not for me." But Bollywood films, I don't know how anybody could fucking like them. It just seems ridiculous. Like, who goes, "That was a good movie. When they fucking danced around that tree, what a great time!"

Q: But they're huge.
Russell Peters: Yeah, but you know, for that matter Britney Spears is huge, that doesn't make her talented. Paris Hilton's huge and she's got no talent.

Q: What about that Richard Gere situation?
Russell Peters: That was a little ridiculous of the Indian government to react like that. That was so out of control. Honestly, it was embarrassing for me as an Indian man. Because when you go to India, it is not like that. That's why for them to put that impression of India out there is absolutely fucking ridiculous.

Q: Was it just a conservative faction of the government?
Russell Peters: I don't know who they were doing that for but it did not help us on any scale.

Q: Would you see people kissing in the street there?
Russell Peters: Yeah. Not full-on making out, but you see them kissing. I made out with some chicks on the street over there.

Q: Did you!
Russell Peters: Not like homeless chicks, but you know. (laughs) I made out with a Bollywood actress. That's as far as you're going to get. You're not going to be able to bang any of them.

Q: Were there certain things you couldn't say on stage there that you could say other places?
Russell Peters: You know what's funny is in India? They got every joke. Every nuance, every insinuation. They got it. They were with me 150 percent. They got it better than the Indians who left India get it. It was mind-blowing to see how on point they were.

Q: Are there any taboo subjects?
Russell Peters: No, that's the thing. I did like a really dirty set. I was ending with this whole Indian porn thing, about how I'd love to see Indian porn. That's how I was closing my show and I'd have standing ovations every night.

Q: You couldn't have been that nervous if you were talking about Bollywood and Indian porn.
Russell Peters: As nervous as I'll ever be, you gotta take that energy and make it work for you. Same thing in boxing. If you're nervous you're going to get knocked the hell out. It's how you deal with it.

Q: Did your parents ever try to arrange a marriage for you?
Russell Peters: Nah, we're Catholic. They don't do that.

Q: Okay, Russell, thank you very much.
Russell Peters: No problem, young fella.

Q: I'm older than you! Thanks so much.
Russell Peters: Are you going to be at the shows next week?

Q: I hope so. You know, journalists are cheaper than Indians.
Russel Peters: Well, we can make it happen for you.

Q: If you can make it happen, I would. Is Dan Quinn opening?
Russell Peters: I'm going to put Dan Quinn on the shows, yeah.

Q: Will your fans sit through the opening acts or do they just want Russell?
Russell Peters: If you keep the guys on for the right amount of time they'll be fine. But yeah, Dan's a good kid. I've known him for a long time. We hung out in L.A. a lot, too. And now he moved back home to B.C. so I said, "Hey, if you're going to be there, why don't you come on my show?"

Q: You're a loyal guy.
Russell Peters: I pride myself on being loyal.

Q: And on your DVD I saw Angelo Tsarouchas.
Russell Peters: And Angelo was in Dubai with me.

Q: So you're looking after the people that were nice to you on the way up.
Russel Peters: I certainly am... My allergies are killing me today.

Q: Is it hot there?
Russel Peters: It is, but my allergies don't bother me in L.A. And I get all the smog, too.

Q: Take some medication.
Russell Peters: I can't. It makes me too dopey. Not that I don't sound dopey right now as it is. My eyes are all puffy now.

Q: Maybe it's me.
Russell Peters: I'm allergic to the media. I break out in bad reviews.

Q: (laughs) You don't get any bad reviews. I checked!
Russell Peters: We get those guys removed. The Indians run the internet

Information about Russell Peters Outsourced DVD

Russell Peters: Outsourced is a stand-up comedy album by Russell Peters. It was recorded at The Warfield Theatre in San Francisco, California, in summer of 2006. It aired on Comedy Central on August 26, 2006, and it became available on DVD, on August 29, 2006. The CD version was released on January 8, 2007.


Peters' comedy focuses largely around his Indian upbringing and racial stereotypes, as he often parodies his parents and South Asian culture, as well as various other Asian, African and Hispanic cultures. Peters' comic routines on the DVD are about Asians, Hispanics, English accents, terrorists, and his parents, among other things. Topics ranged from different types of Asians, the English accent, terrorists, Africans, and his adventures in Hong Kong while experimenting with Cantonese, and adventures with a Nigerian lady in Beijing's KFC. Some of these acts were criticized as being "racist," but the show remained typical of his style. Two of his most popular catchphrases are "be a man" and "somebody gonna get a hurt real bad". During the encore for the show, before doing the famous line, he mentions that he would be retiring that joke/line after that show. Many viewers misunderstood this message and believed that Russell Peters was retiring from his
career as a comedian. The official reason is that his father recently passed away before the release of the DVD and many jokes were based on him. From now on, Peters would be focusing on different material.

Some notable quotes and catch phrases

"Vincent and Catherine from the Bay Area" - Peters was referring to a couple both of Chinese descent

"DONG LAHHHH!" - Peters was referring to Cantonese as a funny sounding language with elongated words

"Hey, asshole! You don't swear in the hotel, OK? You watch your mouth. Be a man!"

"Nehhh gahhhh" - Peters was parodying a Mandarin phrase (nei ge) which means "that one" or "the". Enunciated in English, the phrase sounds like the word "nigga".

"Zi you lie moy....tits?" - what Peters thought was Catherine (the Chinese lady)'s Chinese name, which sounds like "Do you like my tits?"

"Downtown, China, okay Caphrine no mo questions" - Peters was referring to Catherine not knowing which part of China she was from, and what her parents said when she asked them

"You want some shlong with that dong?"

"Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad"

"Pho Phuc Lai" - the "phuc" sounded similar to "fuck" in English enunciation.

"Put your cock away dude, I'm just trying to shake your hand" - Peters was referring to the "smooth latin lover" role that many latinos in Canada portray. Russell comedian. Peters comedian.


Outsourced is dedicated to the memory of Peters' father, Eric Peters.

"Outsourced" DVD/CD Track listing

1. "Filthy Downloaders" - 2:48
2. "Two Types Of Asians" - 4:10
3. "Speaking English" - 4:50
4. "Traveling In Vietnam" - 2:27
5. "Catherine & Vincent" - 6:22
6. "Beijing KFC" - 3:05
7. "Lost Luggage" - 3:03
8. "Passport Photo" - 2:13
9. "Terrorists vs. Indians" - 3:07
10. "Latinos In The House" - 4:19
11. "Cultural Names" - 7:11
12. "Convincing Indians" - 2:19
13. "Embarrassing Parents" - 1:42
14. "English Accents" - 3:55
15. "White People" - 4:01
16. "The Great Discoverer" - 1:01
17. "American Culture" - 2:15
18. "Chicken Dance/YMCA" - 4:08
19. "Somebody Gonna Get A Hurt..." - 7:32

Information about the new Russell Peters Red, White, and Brown DVD

Russell Peters: Red, White, and Brown is a stand-up comedy album by Russell Peters, filmed at the WAMU Theatre in Madison Square Garden on February 2, 2008. It was released in Canada in September 2008 and in the US on January 2009. Review of the new Russell Peters Red, White, and Brown

Gut-bursting, pee-in-your pants comedy! It's that hilarious, enjoyable and extremely funny! Russell Peters is unleashed in `Red, White & Brown'. One of the top comedians right now and he truly delivers with his latest DVD release!

(DVD AKA Russell Peters Brown, or Russell Peters White)

The Canadian stand-up comic won people over with his Comedy Central special "Russell Peters: Outsourced" back in 2006 and now the guy is just red hot!

His latest DVD release "Red, White and Brown" was recorded live at a sold-out audience at the WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden and features material from his "HOMECOMING TOUR" and features 20 additional minutes not shown on the Comedy Central broadcast and also includes a full-length CD of the performance. Get more info of Russel Peters new DVD Red, White and Brown.

Featured on the DVD are the following segments:

1. Mele Mel Intro
2. DDR
3. Blame the Media
4. Cheap Indians Pt. 2
5. Louis Vuitton
6. Race vs. Culture
7. West Indians
8. Body Hair
9. World Cup
10. Deaf People
11. Credits

No one is spared in the audience. People in the audience of different ethnicity will be picked and utilized into his comedy routine as well as anyone in the audience. May it be the woman who gets up to go to the bathroom, to the man who brought his child to the performance, Russell Peters has a competent flow of comedy in which the pacing on the DVD is full of non-stop fun, one joke after the other and no pausing of laughter. Peter's comedy delivery, facial expressions of his comedy routine was done very well. free DVD download, Russel Peters Brown

The accompany CD features the performance but where the DVD is about 1 hr. and 19 minutes, the CD is about 57 minutes long. So, more or less, the Comedy Central edited performance is probably what is featured on the CD and I've already listened to it several times. It's a very good comedy CD and even without the visuals of the DVD, the jokes are just as funny and hearing the audience laughing, gasping and cheering at each joke is heard clearly. Russel Peters White

Overall, "Red, White and Brown" is an enjoyable, fun and fantastic performance. Russell Peters was on top of his game that night and it showed. You can't help but laugh at his comedy!


Part of what makes a comedy performance on DVD work effectively is to show the audience and "Red, White and Brown" definitely has a good number of cameras to get close ups of reactions to closeups of the people that Peters targets for his jokes and a good angles from different parts of the venue and of course close up of Peters. Editing was done really well and thus you get good cuts of Peters and then various audience reaction. Russel Peters Red, White, and Brown full torrent

The lighting was done really well inside the venue and overall a very good choice for venue for the performance.

As for the audio, the audio is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround and English Stereo. You can clearly hear Peters and the audience laughing and gasping, clapping at the jokes.


There are a good number of special features included on this release. Included are:

Featurette: White Jacket Bootleg - This segment features about 10 minutes of comedy focusing on "Women are Thinkers" and "David and Vickey". Both have optional commentary featuring Russell Peters, Clayton Peters and Director Jigar Talati. I have to say that the segment on "David and Vickey" was just hilarious. Two co-workers come to watch the show and Peters was just relentless in using these two in his bit. Well-done!

Featurette: Support the Troops - This features comedy on the "USS Eisenhower" and "Saddam's Bitches in a Building" (with optional commentary featuring Russell Peters, Clayton Peters and Director Jigar Talati).

Deleted Scenes: This feature scenes that were deleted from the extended play of "Red, White and Brown" but nevertheless, these additional scenes are equally as funny.

Additional Scenes: Filipino Mom
Additional Scenes: Indians and Filipinos
Additional Scenes: Ethnic Photos
Additional Scenes: Arab-A-Phobia

I was definitely pleased with Russell Peters "Red, White and Brown", his ability to continuously showcase joke after joke, incorporate the audience into his comedy routine quickly, no pausing just a smooth flow of comedy.

Again this comedy is no holds barred, Chinese, Indians, Jewish, African-American, Latino, Filipino, Italians, etc. Peters goes all out and overall, manages to have one well-done performance on DVD and also on CD. Russel Peters Outsourced Full

As mentioned, a good comedy DVD needs to have good editing, good lighting, audience participation and a various camera angles and everything else to work well. In this case, the venue, editing, the various camera angles and audience participation was perfect. Sound is clear on both the DVD and CD and you can't ask for anything more. On the DVD, you get a good number of special features and the optional commentary for the featurettes as well.

I have no doubt in my mind that we will see more of Russell Peters in the near future. The man is one of the top comedians in North America right now and watching this... joke after joke and the way he presented it, everything worked on this DVD. Hilarious, no holds barred comedy at its best!

Russell Peters torrent, free video downloads, Russell Peters Outsourced full torrent, free Outsourced full dvd download, Russell Peters Red, White and Brown full torrent, free Red, White full dvd download. Also featuring the New Russell Peters Brown, and the New Russell Peters White. Russell Peters Be A Man clip. Russell Peters chinese video clip.

So, you're definitely going to get your money's worth for this DVD release. Russell Peter's "Red, White and Brown" is highly recommended!

Russell Peters Quotes - Comedy Quotes, Funny Quotes, Comedian Quotes, Funny Quote

From Wikiquote

From Red, White and Brown:

- "Do you know what it is sir? Do you know what the Dance Dance Revolution is? It's not an actual revolution, so you don't have to worry about that. It's not like a bunch of Asians are going to knock on your door 'Hey! Start dancing!'" - Russell Peters Quote

- (On DDR) The hardest fucking thing I have ever tried in my life. I was one step behind every moment. I was doing so bad the machine even said "Do you even have legs?" It just said that, right in front of the screen. At one point this came up in front of the screen (points his middle finger). - Russell Peters Quote

- Just for the record my Arab friends, i dont do any Arab jokes in my act. Its not that i dont think you are funny. I dont know, i just dont wanna..... die? - Russell Peters Quotes

- (On Arabs) He'll look as if he's laughing but its not the same laugh you are doing. *arab guy accent* Oh i get this funny joke ha ha ha ha i guess its funny *gibberish in arabic* i guess its funny."Dont, dont worry.. i will talk to him after" - Russell Peters Quote

- Whenever they show Arabic being spoken on TV, its usually these crazy people in these protests in the Arab world and all of them speaking this really horrish Arabic *arab accent* "Khalikokhu kha.. la la la la la FUCK AMERICA!" - Russell Peters Quote

- I had this whole impression in my head that Arabic was such a horrible language coz its always like "*arab accent* khakhli o kha" no wonder people are so angry, they are practically vomiting on each other when they talk. - Russell Peters Quote

- Basically all they are showing you of the Arab World are the red necks of the Arab World. - Russell Peters Quotes

- I bet in the Arab world all they show of America is Jerry Springer. "Look at the Americans are they fuckin' stupid? He's fucking his cousin! Not like you and me, its different. They do it dirty. Its different." - Russell Peters Quote

- Indians look just upset they have to pay money to be here. "*indian accent* This is bullshit. I dont know why I am spending money to see someone who looks just like me. I can stay home and look in the mirror." - Russell Peters Quote

- Indian people, we are proud of our cheapness. You are never gonna insult us by calling us cheap. Thats the best part, you know. You walk up to an Indian guy "You guys are cheap" "Thank you for noticing, thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you" "That guy just called you cheap" "No, no, no. He pronounced it cheap. But what he was saying was - smart. Very smart he was". - Russell Peters Quote

- I will be looking at an Armani shirt or a high end designer and flip the tag and I see made in India, I'm stuck with a real dilemma. Do i buy this shirt or do I call my uncle. I wonder if he knows where this factory is. - Russell Peters Quote

- People go like 'Jews are cheap' *indian accent* No, that is incorrect, I AM cheap. Jews are thrifty. BIGGGGG difference! - Russell Peters Quotes

- Lets suppose there is a Louis Vuitton store. The Indian guy will walk past this Louis Vuitton store everyday of his life and will never step foot into it. "*indian accent* not even in their best sale will I be going in there. No thank you". Chinese people, sale or no sale, you are going to Louis Vuitton EVERYDAY. You NEVER buy shit. Sales guy asks you 'Can I help you sir' "*chinese accent* No, just looking". Minute sales guy looks the other way Chinese guy whips out a camera *sound of camera clicking photos*.Goes home, emails the pictures to Hong Kong "Make this bag quickly. We are selling it to the Indians". - Russell Peters Quote

- Thats a sale you never wanna see happening. A Chinese guy selling an Indian guy a Louis Vuitton bag. Neither of them can say Louis Vuitton properly. - Russell Peters Quotes

- Thats a Indian person convincing you of shit. You ever try to buy something and you go like "all right, give me the best price" "*indian accent* Sir, Im telling you, final price, best price, take it and go. Take it... and go. take it and go." - Russell Peters Quote

- "I didnt say to say it all fucked up. I told you to spell it. "*indian accent" (really slow)V-UI-(fast)TTON." Thats how we spell letters. We go slow for the first three letters and jog through the rest of the name. We do the same with phone numbers. "212-triple 5-(really fast)3246" - Russell Peters Quote

- "Our cheapness changed the world. Indians are so dedicated to being so cheap for so long, that Indian people actually created the number zero. You know how much dedication that took? That means, back in the day some Indian guy was looking at the numeric system. "*indian accent* 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.. Hmmm.. None of those are the amounts I want to pay". Then his friend came along and drew a circle. "Whats that?" "Nothing" "Whats inside of it?" "Nothing" "Whats its value?" "Nothing... Its beautiful (shedding a tear). We shall call it zero. Take it and go" - Russell Peters Quote

- We are flying over to India and I had this overwhelming Indian feeling inside of me - "Im the most Indian man, ever". I just thought I was so Indian you know. We arrived at Bombay I was yelling at the flight attendant "OPEN THE DOORS TO THIS PLANE. Let me out to my Indian people. LET ME SHOW THOSE INDIANS, WHAT IT IS TO BE INDIAN." She opened the doors to that plane I turned Canadian SO FAST."I am SO.. *sniff* *sniff*.." (smelling the surroundings, smelling himself). "Did I step in shit just now?". When you arrive in India, the minute they open the doors to that plane, you get an overwhelming BLAST of shit smell right up your nose. Its almost as if they hired someone to shit in front of every plane that lands. "Quick, quick, here comes one. Shit, shit and go, SHIT and GO.*LOUD FART*.Go, go, go". And if you are an Indian person out there, thinking to yourself "Thats not true, thats not true" then fuck you, you probably had a cold or landed in the wrong country. - Russell Peters Quote

- In India, grown ass men, GROWN ASS MEN, hold hands with other men and walk down the street as if everythings ok. And they dont just hold hands, they are holding fucking pinkies and SWINGING that shit. - Russell Peters Quote

- People would walk up to me on the streets. "*indian accent* RUSSELL, RUSSELL, RUSSELLLLLLLL. Your show last night, russell your show last night. TOO good.. TOOOOO good. First Class. A1. Fantastic. The show was fantastic. The show was mind blasting"."You mean mind blowing"."No, no anything can blow your mind, it BLASTED my mind" - Russell Peters Quote

- (Why he dint stay with his uncle in Kolkotta) Im too North American for my own good. Im too used to certain luxuries in life. You know, like, running water. A toilet. Toilet paper. Theres only so much ass washing I can do with a cup in my life. - Russell Peters Quote

- "*indian accent* Mr. Peters, i regret to inform you that the hoooooooooootel." "what?" "the hoooooooooooooootel" "You know theres only one O in hotel" "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOk" - Russell Peters Quote

- I get waken up in the middle of the night by a ghost and I wasnt scared anymore because the ghost had an Indian accent. Do you know how hard it is to be afraid when you get woken in the middle of the night by "*indian accent* BOOOOOOOOOOO" - Russell Peters Quote

- I bet in Trinidad a guy is taking a shower and writing a fucking song. "oh gosh, i gotta wash my ass. *in a sing song tone* i gotta wash my ass..wash my ass, right cheek, left cheek, in the crease, in the crease, in the crease" - Russell Peters Quote

-The media made it unsexy to be hairy.They show you dudes nowdays with no hair. It gets in your head. Now you see a guy running across a beach with no shirt on and no body hair or leg or anywhere at all and women go like "Thats how a man should look like" I think thats how a fucking woman should look like." - Russell Peters Quotes

- Have you ever felt your penis invert before? I had to sit down and pee for a month." - Russell Peters Quotes

- Honestly, the real reason i shave it down there is to make my dick look bigger, thats why. You mow the lawn the art looks bigger." - Russell Peters Quotes

- God wasnt kind to us in the dick department. Im not sayin he short changed us. He just dint give us any extra shit. God people gave Indians a lot of things, big dicks - not one of them. "*god* Here's whats gonna happen Indians, you are gonna be great with computers" "*indian accent* okeeyyy" "You are gonna be able to survive in the worst conditions imaginable" "okkeyyyyy" "You will be able to leave those conditions, go anywhere in the world and be successful" "*fantastic. hey God, what about penises?" "sorry buddy - AVERAGE". Then he called the black people "Come here for a minute I want to talk to you.Listen, People are gonna be fucking with you for years.Here's a little extra dick. Dont worry, I've taken it from the Indians. The color matches perfectly" - Russell Peters Quote

- The media put that in our heads too. They made us insecure about our penises too. You watch a porno nowadays, you see these guys with giant hogs on them, fucking waste nuclear reactor dicks on them. You watch that and you go like "*sad tone* oh my god, im never gonna have a dick like that" You are not SUPPOSED to have a dick like that. Animals should not have dicks like that." - Russell Peters Quotes

- Ive heard woman talk like that "*african accent* Oh my God i just love a guy with a big dick. I dont know, theres something about a big dick that i love. I dont even care what he looks like, as long as he has a big dick" Thats because you are a whore, thats why. Your vagina's huge. Instead of giving me a pill to make my dick bigger, heres a cream to tighten you up." - Russell Peters Quotes

- I have a theory. I believe that the size of your penis is in indirect correlation with how much sex you will have in your life. The smaller your dick, the more you will fuck. You dont believe me, look at the two largest populations in the world." - Russell Peters Quote

- Chinese guys starts clapping "*chinese accent* Yayyyy!! hey o wait a minute" - Russell Peters Quotes

- I want to see the Chinese team in their huddle. You see all the other countries they say "All right guys, we are gonna go down there, we are gonna pass the ball around, we are gonna have a good time, GO TEAM". You see the Chinese team "*chinese accent, player smoking* Ok, Hey asshole, listen up. When you see the ball coming,then you go down the field. Chase the quilo with the ball. Somethings going down. BE A MAN" - Russell Peters Quotes

- You gotta figure being deaf cant be that bad. Its gotta have a positive side to it. Say you have a girlfriend. No, say you have my ex girlfriend. Shes giving you shit, you dont know. All he sees is (animated movements) and all he thinks is "Shes so beautiful when she dances. So much passion" - Russell Peters Quote

- They kicked me out of my school and sent me to the retard school down the street. If you had anything wrong with you, you went to my school. You were on a wheelchair, you went to my school. You were on crutches, you went to my school.You were blind, you went to my school.You were deaf, you were deaf, you had behavior problems, you went to my school.My school had ramps all over the fucking place. It looked like Tony Hawk designed my school. - Russell Peters Quotes

- Everyone in my school knew one thing. Nobody fucked with the deaf kids because deaf kids are strong as shit. They have the strength of 14 gorillas. One of my friends got into a fight with a deaf kid and the deaf kid beat 37 kinds of shit into my friend. He kept bashing him. I dont know if he couldnt hear the sound of the beating but he went berserk. I dont know if he was lip reading wrong. My friend was like "Stop. OW!" "*deaf kid accent* Stop telling me Fuck Off!" - Russell Peters Quotes

- Jewish people I dont know what you have done to the deaf community. I dont know if they had land you wanted it. - Russell Peters Quotes

- Arabs, i dont know the deaf sign for Arabs is. Probably (suicide bomber exploding). "La la la la" - Russell Peters Quotes

- "*Filipino accent* Then they have the good one, the Basma tai, you know the basma tai, how do you say it? your bumbai, how do you say it? your feeful have come up with the name." "You mean basmati" "Yes yes thats the one. Its very plarable (flavorable) and everything" - Russell Peters Quotes

- Woman are always thinking. Always. Their brains are continuously working. They are just thinking of shit all the time. Right now Vicky could be looking at the stage and thinking "I wonder what the stage is made out of. Is that microphone heavy? What if its a heavy microphone." - Russell Peters Quotes

- Guys have the ability to do something that woman cant do. Guys have the ability to sit there for like fifteen minutes, stare off into space and think about nothing. If you were to put a camera in our head to see what we were thinking, it would just be a blank screen. At best, at best, a fucking screen saver. - Russell Peters Quotes

- About a month into a relationship, a woman will look at you and go "*Woman tone* Promise me something. Promise.... you'll NEVER lie to me" "I promise" And thats the first time we lie to you. - Russell Peters Quote

- Women cant handle that shit. She will always come up to you and when you are having your 15 minutes of thoughtless time and always come over "*woman tone* What are you thinking about?" And we tell you what we were thinking about "Nothing". Its messed up when you tell your woman the truth, and thats the wrong answer. "Cmon you had to be thinking about something" "No, i wasnt". Really, they start accusing you. "Why wont you tell me what you were thinking?" " What do you think Im hiding my fucking thoughts? Even if I was, they are my fucking thoughts. If I wanted them to be real, I would have said them." "You always do this shit" "Do what shit?" "Why wont you tell me what you are thinking about? Share with me!!!" And its at that moment we have to make a decision and you force us to lie to you. We have to invent a story right then and there to tell you what we were thinking just so that you dont think we are retarded. "All right, all right. I'll tell you what I was thinking. I was just thinking about how pretty you are" - Russell Peters Quote

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