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Paul Varghese

Paul Varghese Comedy Video - Purina Pet Comedy Challenge 2008

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Paul Varghese Comedy Video - Comedy - Part 1

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Paul Varghese Biography

From Wikipedia

Paul Varghese is a Dallas, Texas, comedian of Malayalee descent who appeared on the hit reality show Last Comic Standing 2, where he made it to the semi-finals. He taped his first full-set for national television on March 8, 2007, for Comedy Central's Live at Gotham which aired July 13, 2007. He is a regular on the Pugs and Kelly radio show, noon-3 p.m. weekdays on Live 105.3/Free FM in Dallas.

Paul Varghese Picture - Indian Stand Up Comedy

Varghese is Indian American, the son of Malayali immigrant parents from Kerala and grew up in Garland, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. He earned a bachelor's degree in radio, television and film from the University of North Texas in 2000. In college, he spent his junior year at William Patterson University of New Jersey, during which he interned on Sally Jesse Raphael's talk show. His sister is an Episcopalian priest at Columbia University in New York.

Varghese, who began doing stand-up in 2001, opened for Canadian-born comedian Russell Peters in a short theater-tour through Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston and New York in 2005. That led to his headlining a 16-city Gurus of Comedy tour in the spring of 2006.

Interview with Paul Varghese

Q. Who is your comedy hero?
Paul Varghese: Hero would imply that they saved me from dying onstage which nobody ever has. I do have influences though like Dean Lewis, Clinton Jackson, Greg Giraldo, Arj Barker, George Lopez, Robert Schimmel. I've learned something that's shaped my comedy just from watching and/or talking to them. Stuff that I still remember to this day.

Q. What made you decide to strive for a career in comedy?
Paul Varghese: I just always thought that what was funny to me was never on TV, or stage, for that matter. I felt like I had a story to tell. Paul Russell.

Q. What career would your parents have chosen for you?
Paul Varghese: Anything that would allow them to brag to their friends about me and allow me to buy a plasma screen TV for them. Also the Paul Russel comedy show.

Q. Have you ever tanked onstage?
Paul Varghese: I was performing at an open mike in a hotel bar and had a lady once yell "You're the worst comedian I've ever seen! Can't you take a hint and get offstage?" I didn't take a hint and proceeded on and on and on until the tension was so thick it stuck to the roof of my mouth. It was my stubbornness to keep going and continue to piss off that lady that ended up shutting down that open mike for good. Paul Russel. DVD torrent, free dvd download.

Q. Everyone's a geek in some way. What kind of a geek are you?
Paul Varghese: I know way too much about sports. Not only can I carry on a conversation about it with another sports fan, but I can also keep going into such detail and mindless information that it creeps us both out into a state of uncomfortably awkward silence...

Q. What song is trapped inside your brain right now?
Paul Varghese: Bobby Brown "Don't Be Cruel" .. trapped? Not so much. I purposely locked and barricaded that song into my head. It makes standing in line or sitting in traffic fly by oh so quickly. Paul Russell comedy show.

Q. What will you do with yourself after the fall of civilization?
Paul Varghese: Take credit for it. free comedy video downloads.

Q. What is your greatest memory from your time with Live at Gotham?
Paul Varghese: The hooting and hollering that the audience did when they announced my name. I never get that. It's the response that I wish I got when they called my name at high school graduation.

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