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Papa CJ

Papa CJ Comedy Video - At The Comedy Store in London

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Papa CJ - Full Audition for Last Comic Standing 2008

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Papa CJ Biography

From Papa CJ's Website

Papa CJ is an established international comedian. Rumoured to be a direct descendent of the Maharaja of Merebaapkaraj (pronounced Mere-baap-ka-raj) in India, in 2008 he was chosen as one of the top ten acts in the world on NBC's hit TV show Last Comic Standing. His cutting edge wit & social commentary represents the rising voice of a billion people and he has earned 'street-cred' by repeatedly storming comedy clubs across the globe. He has performed in North America, Africa, Europe and Asia. Most recently he had a sold out tour in India that received rave reviews from the press. A performer with a conscience, Papa CJ founded the charity One Child, which works with underprivileged children in India. This charity is funded by his comedy.

Papa CJ Picture - Indian Stand Up Comedian

Aside from his comedic capabilities, Papa CJ has a well-grounded business background as well. An MBA from the University of Oxford, he has worked as a management consultant in London for 5 years. He is also currently an executive coach and works with senior executives from blue-chip companies all over the world.

Papa CJ has been employed by clients in multiple roles including performing straight stand-up comedy, as an MC and compere for corporate events, as a host and presenter for high profile award ceremonies, as an auctioneer at charity events and as a performer at private functions.


Where were you born?
Papa CJ: I was born in New Delhi on International Women's Day in 1977. I lived in Calcutta for 20 years while going to boarding school at the Lawrence School Sanawar in the lower Himalayas.

Where is home for you?
Papa CJ: As the cliche goes - where the heart is. And the heart is definitely in India. That being said I travel constantly. Think of me as a kite in the sky with the string attached 28° 33' 54" North, 77° 10' 21" East!

When did you start doing stand-up comedy?
Papa CJ: I started doing stand-up comedy in November 2004.

What were you doing before you did stand-up? If you weren't doing stand-up comedy, what would you do?
Papa CJ: Before doing stand-up I did an MBA at Oxford and worked as a management consultant in London. Having started doing stand-up, my brain no longer has teh creative capability to even imagine anything else I would do if I didn't have stand-up in my life.

What is the best part about being a stand-up comedian?
Papa CJ: Waking up late, never having to commute at rush hour, traveling to interesting places all over the world, working less than two hours a day, exercising free speech in its truest form and of course, spreading laughter and cheer!

What is your favourite venue?
Papa CJ: The Comedy Store in London

Do you write your own material?
Papa CJ: Yes.

Is Papa CJ your real name?
Papa CJ: Papa CJ is not the name I was born with but is the name I have taken. As a teenager I witnessed a brutal assassingation involving an International mafia cartel. I have since been under a witness protection programme by the Interionatal Court of Justice in The I cannot reveal my true identity.

What are you like off-stage?
Papa CJ: Chilled out, down-to-earth and easy going. Pretty much a regular guy who likes hanging out with friends, watching movies etc etc.

What advice would you give an aspiring stand-up comedian?
Papa CJ: Firstly and most importantly, enjoy yourself. Secondly, take your time. Stand-up is not easy and its more a marathon than the 100m. Experiment and figure out who you want to be before you announce yourself to the world. In fact, more than who you want to be figure out who you ARE. Stand-up is a never-ending journey of self-discovery. Do it for you before you start doing it for others.

How can I get you to perform in my hometown?
Papa CJ: If you follow the links on my website you can 'Create a Demand' for me to perform in your home town. If enough people from your town or city get on and emand that Papa CJ comes there...then I will have little choice but to plan a trip!

What is your favourite film?
Papa CJ: Scent of a Woman and Taare Zamein Par

What is your favourite food?
Papa CJ: Indian food definitely! I love chicken curry and rice. I love good kathi rolls. And I love tandoori food…kebabs-shebabs and all. But I’m a foodie in general…only unlike most Indians, I’m a lightweight when it comes to spices.

From Wikipedia

Papa CJ is a first generation Indian comedian who has been performing on the UK comedy circuit as well as in India.

His TV appearances include The World Stands Up on Paramount Comedy in the UK, BBC America in the US and The Comedy Channel in Australia.

Papa CJ won the You Must Be Joking competition at the Newbury Comedy Festival in 2005. He came in third in the Hackney Empire New Act of the Year 2005. He was a finalist in the Laughing Horse New Act of The Year 2005 Competition.

Papa CJ was recently in the 2008 finals of Season 6 of Last Comic Standing on NBC. A total of 12 comedians made it to the finals. He was eliminated during the show's eighth episode, finishing in ninth place.


“Papa CJ’s material is fresh and up to the minute with a sly sting in the tail” - The British Theatre Guide “An unbridled laugh riot” - Asian Age “A potent mix of political comment and blatant obscenities” - The Hindu “Trademark acerbic humour” - Indian Express “Caustic Observations” - Metro “Possessing the energy and attitude of an Indian Chris Rock” - Manchester Comedy “The laughter revolution is here” - Midday “Left the audience rolling off their chairs” - Deccan Herald “It wasn’t an earthquake, it was Papa CJ’s Comedy” - The Times of India “Papa CJ was a laugh riot!” - DNA “An unabashed master of the sideswipe” - The Mirror “World class stand-up comedy” - Around Town free comedy video downloads

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