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Laura Hayes Comedy Video - On Def Comedy Jam - Full Performance

More Laura Hayes Videos Coming Soon

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The Queens of Comedy - Comedy DVD, Funny Videos
The Queens of Comedy
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Laura Hayes Comedy Video - Queen of Comedy

Sale - Comedy DVDs
The Queens of Comedy - Comedy DVD, Funny Videos
The Queens of Comedy
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Indian Invasion Comedy: Civilizing the West
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Laura Hayes Biography

Queens of Comedy DVD cover - Laura Hayes, Adele Givens, Sommore, Mo'Nique

Laura Hayes Profile

Born and Raised: Oaktown, Eastside

Current Residence: Los Angeles, CA

Host Bay Area Black Comedy Competition 1988-1996
Miss Laura – Co-Host BET's Comic View, 1996 – 98 and 2000
Host - Showtime’s Queens of Comedy
Sinbad and Friends - ABC’s Christmas Special
I Got the Hook-Up (Film)
Martin (TV series)
That’s Life (TV series)
The Hughley’s (TV series)
King of Queens
Bette (TV series)
Kristin (TV series)
Politically Incorrect (TV series)
Queens of Comedy Tour

First notable appearance
“Laura Hayes: Out on a Twig” - a one-woman show - written/produced/directed by Tony Spires (Oakland Ensemble Theater)

True Confessions/Trivia
Philosophy: Enjoy the ride because "the script" (your life) is already written

Daily Regimen: Pot

Word that best describes you: Thug Grandma

Best Career Decision: Like a bad marriage...let ComicView go

Who Makes You Laugh: Paul Mooney and Luenell

Words That Describe You Best: “Hip-Hip Baby-Boomer”

Like Best About Job: The fabulous hotels I get to stay in

Greatest Passion: To get a dramatic role in a film and Pot

Movie: The Wizard of OZ
Past-time: Tripping with the grandkids
Charity: The Lovelife Foundation of Oakland

Guiding Principle
To encourage myself daily, and others to SEEK, PROVE, ACCEPT and STAND UP
for only the TRUTH about your creator. (If the truth matters)

Next Project
Her second one-woman show “Miss Laura: Felon to Funny,” the film tells the story of how she changed her life. A narrative by Miss Laura.

Spokesperson for CalWORKS / Behavioral Health Care Services’ video “Change Is Hard.”

Television pilot - “Special Delivery"

From Wikipedia - About the Queens of Comedy DVD

The Queens of Comedy is both a sequel and spin-off film of The Original Kings of Comedy. The film follows four black female stand-up comedians at Memphis's Orpheum Theatre. Laura Hayes opens the show and serves as MC. She tells family stories about grandkids, her mom, and her sisters. Adele Givens urges her audience to celebrate their flaws; she comments on this crazy world, her 92-year-old grandmother, and the need to take care when naming a baby. Sommore, recently released from jail, talks about kids, men, marriage, and why moms give their eight-year-old daughters a hula-hoop. Lastly, Mo'Nique celebrates big women, contrasts Blacks and Whites, and gives advice about sex. The film also cuts away to footage of the Queens on the town having fun.

Queens of Comedy DVD Information

On February 27, the same day "The Original Kings of Comedy" debuts on VHS and DVD, Paramount Home Entertainment is proud to present the all-new "The Queens of Comedy."

A live comedy concert from the Orpheum Theatre in Memphis, Tenn.,0 "The Queens of Comedy" was co-produced by PHE and by Latham Entertainment, the same company that introduced the country to the wildly successful "Kings of Comedy" tour.

Starring Miss Laura Hayes (TV's "Martin"), Adele Givens (TV's "The Parkers"), Sommore (TV's "The Hughleys") and Mo'Nique (TV's "The Parkers"), "The Queens of Comedy" will prebook on January 16 (DVD) and on February 5 (VHS). A "Kings & Queens" specialty-priced DVD Gift Set is also available.

Loud, proud and outrageously funny, "The Queens of Comedy" spotlights Miss Laura Hayes' hilarious tales about life and relationships, Adele Givens' thought-provoking humor, Sommore's comic view of issues from a female perspective and Mo'Nique's sarcastic stand-up, in a full-scale laugh attack that's not afraid to go over the top -- or below the belt.

No one is safe from their merciless wit, as they take on such topics as skinny women, marriage, children and, most importantly, men. And, go behind the scenes with the Queens as they display the magical chemistry that made them a top-drawing concert event.

Paramount is supporting "The Queens of Comedy" with cross-trailering on "The Original Kings of Comedy" and all of that film's advertising on BET, MTV, VH-1, Comedy Central, radio stations in the top 82 markets in the U.S. and Canada, and in Code, Jet and Essence.

In addition, there will be a soundtrack for "The Queens of Comedy" available from Universal Records on January 30, with Monifah (featuring Murphy Lee of the St. Lunatics), Kelly Price, Chante Moore, Gladys Knight and Patti La Belle.

The DVD of "The Queens of Comedy" is presented in standard format. It features a "Queens on the Town" featurette, Dolby Digital English 5.1 Surround, English sub-titles and closed captions for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Laura Hayes Quotes

Laura Hayes Trivia

Laura Hayes Tour/Show Schedule

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