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Larry Omaha

Larry Omaha Comedy Video - At

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Larry Omaha Comedy Video - At The HaHa Cafe - Part 1

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Larry Omaha Biography

Former civil rights investigator Larry Omaha uses stand-up comedy to deliver his message on life in the new millennium. Larry's indigenous background adds a unique dimension to his routines.

He jokes about Native American life, current events, freaks and geeks.

Larry's comedy is hilarious but never offensive.

Larry Omaha - Native American stand up comedian, American Indian stand up comedian

When Larry Omaha takes the stage the jokes come fast and furious! He hits every topic: stupid stereotypes; wacked out relatives; the horrors of computer dating; why Santa avoids Indian reservations. Without using shocking language he will have you in convulsions and tears. Some comics attack their audience but Larry engages his audience and takes them on a roller coaster comedy ride they'll never forget!

Larry Omaha is one of the funniest comics working America today. His clean humor and unique style have garnered numerous television appearances and places him in great demand on the corporate circuit. His comical stories about his youth are hailed by the Los Angeles Times as, "Refreshing, funny and universal." Omaha's side-splitting jabs at every day life inspired the Las Vegas Sun to label him , "A very hip comic for the the new millennium."

Larry Omaha Quotes

"A professor said he could determine my ancestry by the structure of my cheekbones. It's embarrassing when guys look back there."

"You rarely see Native Americans in sitcoms because some producers don't think we have a sense of humor. That's crazy! Every night we leave the casinos laughing all the way to the bank."

Larry Omaha Movie/TV Appearances

Migration (2008)
Barrio Thief (2007)
"The Erotic Traveler"
Object of Desire (2007)
The Tenth Day (2007)
"Untold Stories of the ER"
Crushed (2006) TV episode
Terrorgram (1988)

Larry Omaha Tour/Show Schedule - 2009


6: Special Event, Sacramento, CA

7: Special Event, Redding, CA

8: Jackson Rancheria, Jackson, CA

9: Rolling Hills, Corning CA

18: Taping Showtime Comedy Special "Goin' Native", Hollywood, CA


4 - 7: Pechanga Casino, Temecula, CA

24 - 28 Harrah's Improv, Las Vegas, NV


1: Harrah's Improv, Las Vegas, NV

24: Corporate Event, Laguna Woods, CA

26: Martini Blues, Private Event, Huntington Beach, CA

28: Corporate Event, Banning, CA

29: Private Event, Fullerton, CA

Apr3-4: JR's Comedy Club, Valencia, CA

8-12: Punchline Comedy Club, Sacramento, CA


5 -10: Harrah's Improv, Las Vegas, NV

14: Special Event, Window Rock, AZ

15: Special Event, Gallup, NM

27-31: White River Comedy Club, Branson, MO

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