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Goundamani Biography



Born: Goundamani Kannampalayam, Coimbatore, India
Other names: KounderMani or Koundamani
Occupation: Actor, Comedian
Years active: 1976-2010

Goundamani (Tamil: கவுண்டமணி) is a Tamil film actor and comedian. He is renowned for his comedy sketches with fellow actor Senthil.

Early life and career

Goundamani was born in Kannampalayam,a village in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. He gained entry into the Tamil film industry, the Kollywood, at the age of 16 due to his strong theatrical background. His original name was Mani and when he was in the Film Industry he used to Counter every one in with his witty dialogues. So they all named him as 'Counter Mani', which later became as Gondamani.

Goundamani was initially a solo actor and then paired up with Senthil to form a comedy duo. Widely considered as Kollywood's Laurel and Hardy, Senthil and Goundamani have entertained people with their rib-tickling slapstick humour for more than two decades now. Goundamani has entertained two generations of Tamil audience with his unique style of comedy. His dialogues are woven with sarcasm and contempt and are often accompanied with impeccable timing and body language.

His most famous piece of comedy is the "Vazhaipazham" (Banana) scene with Senthil in the film Karagattakaran. His famous dialogue Arasiyalla ithellam saatharanamappa (meaning all these are usual in politics), from the movie Suriyan, later became one of his trademarks. He has also played the protagonist in 10 films including Raja Enga Raja and Pirandhaen Valarndhaen.

Some of his memorable movies are with leading actors such as Sathyaraj, Karthik, Rajinikanth, Arjun, Parthiban, Jayaram, Kamal Hassan, Vijay, Ajith Kumar, Sarath Kumar and Prabhu. In several Tamil films, he has even accompanied the lead actor in almost all of the scenes and in a few songs.

Early days in his career he had a memorable role in 16 Vayathinile as a sidekick to Rajinikanth's "Parattai" and famous for his dialogue "pattha vechutiye paratai". Later in early 80's he had a string of hits like Unnai Nan Santhithen, Vaidhegi Kathirundal, etc. after which his carrier slumped. His career revival in Karagatakkaran is attributed to comedians like Janakaraj.

His career peaked in the 90s and producers often required his services to make a hit Tamil film. He also has acted in several films with double-hero subjects like Ullathai Allitha along with Karthik and Unakaaga ellam unakaaga.His most recent film is Jagghubai starring Sarath Kumar.


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