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Dan Nainan

Dan Nainan Comedy Video - From Thou Shalt Laugh 2 - What race is that guy?

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Dan Nainan Comedy Video - From Though Shalt Laugh 2 - Some races don't belong in some jobs

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Thou Shalt Laugh 2 - The Deuce - Comedy DVD, Funny Videos
Thou Shalt Laugh 2 - The Deuce
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Dan Nainan Biography

Dan Nainan is an American comedian.

Nainan was born in Bloomington, Indiana in 1981 to a nuclear physicist from India and child psychologist from Japan. Commencing in the late 1990s, he worked as a Senior Engineer and then as Strategic Relations Manager with Intel.

Break into comedy

As a senior engineer for Intel, Nainan traveled the world with CEO Andy Grove, demonstrating the latest technology on stage at high-profile events. As the audiences sometimes numbered in the thousands, or even into the millions on television, Nainan experienced tremendous stage fright. To attack the problem head-on, he first joined a Toastmasters group, then decided to take a stand up comedy class in San Francisco.

Dan Nainan, Daniel Nainan Picture - Indian Stand Up Comedian - Clean Comedy

Nainan's first comedy performance at the Punch Line comedy club in San Francisco was a success. Upon viewing the videotape of the performance, his co-workers at Intel invited him to perform at a team dinner for 200 employees at COMDEX in Las Vegas. After that performance, he was asked to perform for 2500 employees from around the world at Intel's annual sales conference at the San Francisco Hilton. At 8 o'clock on a Monday morning, he impressed the audience with his impressions of Bill Clinton and Andy Grove. Many employees thought that he had been hired as a professional comedian for the event. In 2001, Nainan was promoted to Strategic Relations Manager for the northeastern region, based in New York City. Restless and bored in this stationary position, he left his job at Intel to pursue comedy full time.


Birth name: Daniel Nainan
Born: 1981, Bloomington, Indiana, United States
Medium: stand-up, television, Radio
Nationality: American
Years active: 2000–present
Genres: Satire, Improvisational comedy, Observational comedy
Subjects: political,multiculturalism, Indian culture
Notable works and roles: Dan Nainan: Thou Shalt Laugh


In April 2003 Dan won an open mike contest and the opportunity open for comedian Robert Schimmel, who invited Dan to perform at his shows in Honolulu, Hawaii. Schimmel was so impressed by Nainan’s act that he asked the young comedian to tour with him as his feature act at many comedy clubs in the US.

In April 2004, Nainan happened to be visiting the grand opening of the Laugh Factory comedy club in New York and had the good fortune to be pressed into service. He was introduced by noted comedian and television personality Bob Saget, and impressed the black-tie crowd with his clean act. Saget insisted that Nainan open for him for the entire weekend.

Nainan has been seen on NBC's Last Comic Standing and Saturday Night Live as well as on Nickelodeon and A&E. He has done a variety of TV commercials and appeared on many radio stations around the US. Nainan has performed at various events for Hillary Clinton, Cherie Booth (Mrs. Tony Blair), congressman Mike Honda, Sanjay Gupta and Howard Dean. He has performed with some of the top comedians in the country such as Jerry Seinfeld, Bob Saget, Tim Conway and Garry Shandling.

Currently Nainan performs at charity and corporate functions, weddings, private parties, colleges and many comedy clubs in the U.S. He recently opened the Bethesda Comedy Club, a 300 seat venue in the Washington, D.C. area.

More Bio

Daniel Nainan is the son of a South Asian nuclear physicist and an East Asian child psychologist who met in Bloomington, Indiana, where Daniel was born. He began playing piano at the age of two. Despite a wonderful home life, Daniel was brutally tormented by his schoolmates because of his unusual racial mix, his lack of athletic prowess and his fondness for computers.

Daniel paid his way through college by co-oping at IBM. In college, he became extremely active in sports and realized his dream of dunking a basketball despite standing only 5'11". After IBM, he worked at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, decided to move West to get into the music business and landed a job at Capitol Records in Hollywood. While living in California, he also toured briefly with a rock band. Finally, Daniel worked at Intel Corporation as a technical presenter, touring the world with CEO Andy Grove and other senior executives. Daniel was nervous about speaking on stage and decided to take a comedy class to help get over his stage fright. His coworkers saw his tape and asked him to perform at a sales conference. His routine included his dead-on impression of Dr. Grove, and the 2,500 in attendance loved it.

In late 2003, Daniel opened for noted HBO comedian Robert Schimmel, who asked Daniel to tour with him in 2004. This lucky break enabled Daniel to hone his act in front of packed houses at America's top comedy clubs. Currently, Daniel performs at comedy clubs, colleges, civic events, weddings, beauty pageants, corporate functions and charity events nationwide. He has performed with Jerry Seinfeld and was recently seen on NBC's "Last Comic Standing". He also does voiceover work, including multiple celebrity impressions and accents, on scores of radio stations across the country.

Unlike other comedians, Daniel does not smoke, drink alcohol or coffee or do drugs. His only addiction is adrenalin, a craving he satisfies by engaging in extreme sports such as skydiving, bungee jumping, scuba diving on shipwrecks, skiing off cliffs and rollerblading down stairs. He prefers clean jokes and does not stay up late, and he is possibly the only comedian to appear on national television who does not own a TV. He prefers to spend his time in other pursuits; for example, playing chess, quarterbacking in a weekly Central Park football game or composing music (he plays keyboards, guitar, bass, drums and cello). He has traveled the world and especially enjoys learning new languages.

Interview with Dan Nainan Comedy Video - from a few years ago

1. Your father is Indian and your mother is Japanese. How do you see yourself?

Dan Nainan: Being born here I identify most with being American. Until recently I had no idea who Amitabh Bachchan was. However, when I was a child we hung around mostly with Indians, so I was subjected to many Indian functions growing up. So I sat through many awful talent shows, four-hour Malayalee weddings, and of course Indians never want to pay for a babysitter so you have children running around screaming at all these events.

2. Does this mixed heritage make for some very funny stand up comedy?

Dan Nainan: I like to think so. Everyone I meet tells me they've never met an Indian-Japanese comedian before. I think I'm the only Indian Japanese comedian, unless my sister decides to take up the profession.

3. What's the South Asian material that draws the most laughs?

Dan Nainan: South Asian audiences are really wonderful about laughing at themselves. So I think it's the things that are really true that draw the most laughs, for example the outsourcing jokes or the jokes about Bollywood films.

4. And the Japanese anecdote?

Dan Nainan: I was driving with my whole family and we saw some cows grazing in a field. My father pointed out that the word graze could have a lot of different meanings, and I said for example you can be grazed by a bullet, and then my mother said "or it's a kind of doughnut." The funniest part of this is that she actually meant it! The Japanese have a big problem distinguishing between the L and the R! as Indians have a problem with the V and the W.

5. Do the Japanese find you funny?

Dan Nainan: South Asian audiences are the most receptive. I don't think the Japanese are as expressive; it's not really part of their culture. Once I performed at a Japanese show and when I started, I yelled out, "Come on, make some noise, who here is from Japan" fully expecting everybody to yell "Woo-Hoo"or "Banzai" or "Bonsai"or something like that but instead they all raised their hands! Afterwards a few people came up and said they didn't understand the doughnut joke!

6. What do you eat at home?

Dan Nainan: I love going home, because my mother makes a combination of Indian, Japanese and American food. Of course the first day I come home she always makes keema for me. Even though she's Japanese she has become quite a fire breather because of my father. She absolutely loves mango pickles.

7. What's the line that never fails to make South Asians laugh?

Dan Nainan: It's the line where I say that it's just a matter of time before Indian companies start outsourcing to poor Americans who are pretending to be Indian. (In a southern accent, "Thank you for calling Air India. This is Mahatma Gandhi." free video downloads

9. Any chance your dad might get you into an arranged marriage?

Dan Nainan: My father tried fixing me up with various Malayalee women, but it was always a disaster. I went to one girl's house and when the door opened, I asked her "Is your daughter here?" But it turned out that that actually was the daughter!

10. You must be having a lot of fun with Indian and Japanese last names and accents?

Dan Nainan: Yes, I thank God that I didn't get a combination Indian Japanese name like Sanjay Hajimoto, or Mahatma Mitsubishi.

11. Any real life funny incidents?

Dan Nainan: I was backstage at an Intel event and was talking to a security guard who was a Muslim Indian. I asked him what the reasoning was behind having multiple wives in Islam. He told me that the reason was if you want to have relations with your wife, but she has her periodical, then you need to have another wife or two. He actually said the word periodical. I almost fell over laughing. Dan Nainan torrent

12. Any plans to take your show on the road to India?

Dan Nainan: Now that I know who Amitabh Bachchan is, a lot of people are encouraging me to do an act where I do impressions of him. Of course I would love to go to India. Last time I was there I was only six years old, and it was extremely crowded and overpopulated, so imagine what it will be like now since there are twice as many people in India as when I was last there!

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