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Charlie Biography


Charlie (given name) is a common nickname for Charles and less commonly for Charlotte.

Charlie may also refer to:


Charlie Adler, American voice actor and voice director
Charlie Albright, American classical pianist
Charlie Brooker (born 1971), British journalist, television presenter, writer
Charlie Chaplin, British film actor/director/composer
Charlie Clements, British actor
Charlie Cook, American journalist
Charlie Day, American comedian
Charlie George, football player
Charlie Haas, wrestler
Charles Haughey, Irish Taoiseach
Charlie Laine, adult nude model and pornographic actress
Charlie Manuel, baseball coach
Charlie McDermott, American actor
Charlie McDonnell, British YouTube vlogger
Charlie Murphy (born 1959), American comedian
Charlie Parker, influential jazz musician
Charlie Reid, member of the Proclaimers
Charlie Reiter, American professional association footballer
Charlie Rose, American television interviewer and journalist
Charlie Russell Martin, British bassist, vocalist of The Boster
Charlie Sheen (born 1965), American actor
Charlie Stewart, British radio presenter
Charlie Swan, National Hunt jockey
Charlie Watts, drummer for The Rolling Stones
Charles Wiggins, singer, songwriter, and record producer, known by his stage name, Raphael Saadiq
Charlie (skeleton), Neolithic child discovered at Avebury, in England
Charlie Johnson
Charlie (pornographic actress), Latin American actress

In entertainment

Charlie, a British rock band in the 1980s
"Charlie", a song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Charlie, an album by the band Melt-Banana
"Charlie M", a song by the Art Ensemble of Chicago from the album Full Force
Charlie's Angels, an American television series from 1976 to 1981
Charlie Dog, Chuck Jones' late 1940s cartoon character
"Charlie X", an episode of the original Star Trek television series
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a series of novels and films
Charlie M, a spy thriller novel by Brian Freemantle
"M.T.A." or "Charlie on the MTA", a song recorded in 1959 by The Kingston Trio
"Charlie", a 2004 episode of the television series The Mighty Boosh
Charlie Scene, from the band Hollywood Undead
Charlie, a song by Miranda Cosgrove featured in her debut album Sparks Fly

Fictional characters

Charlie (Street Fighter), in the Street Fighter video games
Charlie Andrews (Heroes), on the television series, Heroes
Charlie Brown, the lead character in the Peanuts comic strip
Charlie Bucket, the title character of the novels Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
Charlie Harper, a character from the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men
Charlie Chan, a fictional Chinese-American detective created by Earl Derr Biggers
Charles "Charlie" Eppes, a character from Numb3rs
Charlie Pace, one of the main characters in the Lost television series
Charles "Charlie" Townsend, the unseen boss on the television series Charlie's Angels
Charlie Weasley, a character in the Harry Potter novels
Charlie Swan, a character in The Twilight Saga
Charlie McGee, the lead character in Stephen King's Firestarter
Charlie B. Barkin, the lead character from All Dogs Go to Heaven
Charlie the Unicorn, a unicorn in a YouTube video

Other uses

The letter 'C' in the ICAO spelling alphabet
Viet Cong, known in military slang as "Charlie" or "Victor Charlie" (VC)
Charlie (parrot), the name of a pet possibly owned by Winston Churchill
Charlie the Tuna, the cartoon mascot for StarKist Tuna
Charlie class submarines of the Soviet Navy
CharlieCard, a smart card used for electronic ticketing by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
Charles S. Roberts Award, nicknamed Charlie, an award in wargaming
Dish Network, a US satellite television company, nicknamed for its CEO, Charlie Ergen
Charlie, a fragrance sold by Revlon, a cosmetics company
"Tail-End Charlie", a name for the WWII bomber in the sixth position of a squadron
A slang term for cocaine

Charley (disambiguation)
Charly (disambiguation)
Chuck (disambiguation)

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