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Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee Comedy Videos

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Bobby Lee Comedy Video - Best of Bobby Lee Comedy Video - Part 1

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Bobby Lee Biography

On Comedy Central

Born: September 17, 1972 (1972-09-17), San Diego, California

Robert "Bobby" Lee, Jr (born September 17, 1972) is an American comedian, notable for his membership in the recurring cast of comedians on the live comedy series MADtv. As an American of Korean ancestry, he is the show's first cast member of Asian descent, he's played Asian and Asian celebrities and political figures including Kim Jong-il and Connie Chung. He's also played non-Asian roles including John McCain, Stewie Griffin, Jai Rodriguez, and The Penguin. Lee performs regularly at the legendary Comedy Store in West Hollywood, CA.



Bobby Lee appeared on the cast of MADtv in Season 7 in 2001 as a featured player, he became a Repertory cast member in season 8 in 2002. As of 2008 he is in his eighth season on MADtv, making him one the of the longest running cast members on MADtv after Michael McDonald, Aries Spears, & Debra Wilson.

Bobby Lee also appeared in the music video of Eminem's first single off his new album Relapse, entitled 'We Made You'


-Kim Jong-il
-Connie Chung
-George Takei
-John McCain
-Lucy Liu
-Jai Rodriguez
-SuChin Pak
-William Hung
-Michelle Kwan
-Pat Morita
-Stewie Griffin
-Masi Oka (as Hiro Nakamura)
-Rinko Kikuchi
-Yuya Ozeki (as Toshio Saeki)
-Soon-Yi Previn
-Bobby Trendy
-Keiko Agena (as Lane Kim)
-Ann Curry

Bobby Lee Quotes/Catch phrases

Blind Kung Fu Master

-"It is I, The Blind Kung Fu Master"
-"Behold the mark of the Ming Dragons"
-"Why couldn't you tell me that was there"
-"My Noodles!"

Bae Sung

-"It's like a..."
-"Uh oh, hot dog!"
-"Pineapple Juice, I dunno..."
-"Yes, yes!"


-"The name's TANK!"
-"Bay-Buh, Bay-BUH!"

Dr. Poon Ji Sum


Xing Lao "Johnny" Gan

-"I would do her hard and sloppy, the Johnny Gan way!"

Cho and North Korean Scientist

-"Sometimes I do."

Central Michigan University Appearance

During his march 19, 2009 visit to the campus of Central Michigan University, Lee (as a routine part of his act on college campuses) calls a male from the audience on stage to give him a lap dance. This time the selected male was West Bloomfield, MI freshman Jordan Greenman, who, playing along, dares the comedian to kiss him. Their stuck-out tongues touch during the performance. The episode became increasingly polemic on CMU's campus due to the perceived homosexual nature of the act.

Television appearances

-Curb Your Enthusiasm (2005) as Sung
-Mind of Mencia (2006) as Chinese CSI Agent, a stereotypical Asian clerk, as well as a "Butt Pirate"
-Minding the Store (2005) as Comic
-IBM commercial
-Mad TV (2001- Present) as Various Characters
-2007 Guy's Choice Awards- opening sketch.
-The Cho Show (as himself)
-Talkshow with Spike Feresten (2007) as Guest


Television and film appearances

2008 Pineapple Express (film) Henchmen
2007 Comedy Zen Himself
Killer Pad Winnie
Kickin' It Old Skool Aki Terasaki
2006 The Slanted Screen Himself
Undoing Kenny
2005 Accidentally on Purpose Bobby
2004 Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle Kenneth Park
2003 American Misfits Korean General
Pauly Shore Is Dead Delivery Boy
2001 - Present MADtv Various Characters Appeared in 142 Episodes
1999 The Underground Comedy Movie Chinese Man



Bobby Lee Biography

Bobby Lee (born September 17, 1972 in San Diego, California) is a Korean American comedian. He currently stars in the television series MADtv, where he plays most of the Asian roles on the show.

Among his recurring characters is the Average Asian who grows increasingly aggravated at stereotypes of Asians, and an impersonation of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il. His most famous character, however, is Bae Sung, the Korean-Japanese-Chinese-American, who claims be multilingual, but in actuality speaks the "Dumb-ass language". The character of Bae Sung does "know" a little of each language he claims to speak, but Bobby Lee only knows Korean. Bae Sung actually speaks only Korean, but the caption marks it as "speaking in Japanese/Chinese", despite the fact he speaks fluent Korean.

Not all his characters are Chinese or Korean-based, however. In one skit he was called Kim Chee, a Filipino custodian who speaks little English and works minimum wage. Often he encourages the abuse of his pain by shouting "Help me! I'm a slave here!" Aside from Bae Sung, Bobby Lee has done other unusual skits. Frequently he plays Connie Chung, mocking her and her relationships with the media.

Finally, Chung decides to work at a fast food restaurant and film her TV program during her lunch breaks. A lesser-known character played by Lee is Tank, an otherwise clumsy and overconfident single man trying his best to attract a woman as a rice boy with a green Daewoo. His ways seem a bit obscure, and they put a possible family relative in places from the trunk of the Daewoo to a Whack-A-Mole game in an arcade. Unlike Bae Sung or Connie Chung, Tank's Asian behaviors are much more subtle.

He has also played the famous American Idol star William Hung, primarily mocking his voice, Chinese accent, and "Asian vampire" teeth. Finally he films his daily routine in a program called "24: by Bobby Lee". Bobby Lee is also the name of a character on the Canadian animated series, Odd Job Jack. Bobby Lee was in a commercial for IBM's Helpdesk which aired during the 2005 U.S. Open.

Bobby Lee Profile

Growing up in San Diego, Bobby Lee knew early on that his calling would be in comedy. "It was kind of hard growing up," he says, "because I’m small and weak. And that’s always been my body, so it’s always hard to survive when you’re like that." Apparently, tackling stand-up was his way of rising like a phoenix from the ashes of small-bodied dejection, and rise he did. After a stint at La Jolla's Comedy Store, the one and only Pauly Shore took him under his wing, made Lee his opening act in Vegas baby Vegas, and convinced him to pack up for Los Angeles.

Exposure on Late Friday, Premium Blend and The Tonight Show led him to his current gig on Mad TV, where he's become known for his unique antics and memorable characters, such as Connie Chung and of course, Kim Jong-Il.

"I like playing him because it's like my dad. I don't know what Kim Jong-Il sounds like, so I just do my dad and it works out. I like it because it's an impression that's kind of odd. It's not your standard impression. You'd think that an Asian guy would play Jackie Chan or something, but I don't like playing him. I like playing people that are kind of weirder."

In addition to impersonating those hilarious North Korean leaders, Bobby Lee also specializes in oddball characteers like the interpreter Bae Song: "It's an original character that I play, and basically he's not from any ethnic land. He's from a different planet, but people don't know that."

While many Asian-Americans point out the unfortunate struggles that come in this industry, not Bobby Lee. Apparently comedy is comedy, what's funny is funny, and overanalyzing why there aren't more Asian comedians is just not his style.

"I don’t think it’s Hollywood's fault. I think it’s the people’s choice. Like me, I didn’t go to college, and I just decided to do this at an early age and made it my life commitment. And I’m sure if more people wanted to do it, I’m sure they could work and survive. It’s just a choice I made, really."

"I happen to be Asian, and people watch me, and if they happen to be Asian, then cool," says Lee. "But I mean, I never did comedy for a cause. I just did it because I didn’t know what else to do with my life."

As for any desire to visit Korea, Lee kind of shrugs. "I’ve never been there. And I don’t think anything I’ve ever been in is aired there. So I don’t think they would know me."

"I went to Tokyo three years ago. It was a job though," he recalls. "I did an ad campaign for IBM, so they flew me out there to take pictures of me. It was IBM Global. It went to Australia, France, London, all over the world." "But I think the ad campaign was a failure," he jokes. "Because of me."

Well, those ineffectual but travel-friendly ad campaigns were in the past and Lee now gets the chance to channel his manic energy into entertainment, most recently making us laugh as the painfully awkward Kenneth Park in Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. Well, what can we say: Lee's self-insisted, so-called aimlessness which allegedly led him to this particular life committment to comedy -- "I just decided to do it out of boredom" -- may, like his tendency for casual self-deprecation, be an act, but it is this special impishness that becomes the elusive-but-loyal Mad TV audience's distinct gain. Anything for a laugh. Bobby Lee, everyone.

Bobby Lee Interview

On his Hallyu spoofs and who gets it:

"It goes back to comedy of being hacky ... you don't want to be hacky, you want to be original. It's 2007. You want to do comedy that's pretty modern. At times you want comedy that's cerebral. At other times, it can be below the belt. With that piece, it was a weird thing where white kids in America were watching these Korean soap operas. And they get it, the inside jokes. People really like it. It was weird and exciting because it's hard to come up with things people like."

On the misses:

"But we've had failures too .... This Yao Ming sketch where I played Yao Ming. We hired kids to play the other basketball players. So the concept was funny, right? But they [screwed] it up in editing .... There was another one where on paper it was so funny but when we put it on, it was so racist. The sketch was basically where I'm adopted by these white folks who didn't tell me I was Asian. They just pretended to be Asian. [laughter] So it's me coming home with a date and my white parents come out with the [Asian] eyes, make-up and the whole house is decked-out with like gongs and shit. And when I walked in with my dad, the audience [gasped] they thought it was like, blasphemy. I thought it would be okay, because I wrote the sketch and people know I'm on the show, but it just turned out so racist."

How YouTube giveth:

"I'm starting my seventh year on MadTV and as soon as YouTube started, that's when I started becoming accessible. Those two guys that sold YouTube, I brought them to my show in L.A. and thanked them on the show."

And how YouTube taketh away:

[Earlier last year, Lee ran into controversy when a YouTube video of Lee accusing his friend Carlos Mencia of stealing fellow comedian Joe Rogan's material, was circulated. Bobby followed with an apology video.]

"That whole thing between Mencia and Rogan is so deep and ugly, and I just got stuck in the middle of it. The original video [that Rogan posted] is a mash-up where Rogan just cut me into this thing, something he taped me years ago. It was just so bad. I still have the message that Carlos left on my voicemail after he saw the video. It's the worst thing you've ever heard. You want to hear it? But it can't be on tape."

"First of all, if I didn't do that apology, it would have severed my relationship with Carlos (he taped it) who's a really good friend. And listen, it didn't hurt Mencia. It didn't hurt his career, you know. He's playing big shows. I ran into Joe the other day and Joe's like: Sorry. And I'm like: Alright, it's cool. I defended a friend, that's all. If that one mistake drives me out of the business, so be it."

On not being an ethnic comic:

"One theme of my [new Comedy Central] show is that I am Asian. There will be elements there. Actually, the first episode has my Dad giving me the List. The list of races I'm allowed to date [laughs]. It's a flash-back to the '70s and on one of those cardboard posters he writes number one: Korean, number two: White. I think [my dad's] list only went to 10, but on my show, the list goes to a hundred. We do a cut to number sixty-two. This is edgy, but it'll be: [in Korean accent] 'Number 62: Eskimo. Number 63: Lithuanian.' Then we do 'cut!' and it's number 99: bugs [laughs] and one hundred: Chinese [laughs]. On the show I bring home my Chinese girlfriend and I find out that on her dad's list, the last is Korean. It'll have that sort of stuff in the show. But, it'll be more about my life. You know, I've been to six drug rehabs."

On universal comedy:

"Oh they [non-Asians] love me. When I started, I went out on the road with Carlos Mencia. I would do all the Hispanic rooms throughout Texas. I've done many shows with Martin Lawrence and the black crowds love me. My shows are fairly universal. A lot of dick jokes, a lot of jokes about how small my dick is. They love that stuff." [I interject: So the shirt is coming off tonight?] "Oh yeah, I'm gonna get really naked tonight."

On being a model-minority (and edgy jokes about Virginia Tech):

"I started telling jokes about Virginia Tech the very next day. I find that event baffling and this is my angst against America. Thirty-two innocent people died and that's horrendous and I don't support that at all. But it really has nothing to do with Cho-Seung Lee. Every race has a crazy. We're human beings, it's the human condition. [The contradiction is that there was so much on Virginia Tech but then] we're supporting a war and we're in Iraq where that shit happens everyday. It's horrible. It's also a reality check, this shit is happening around the world, and it's happened throughout history.

"In a sense you could take a positive out of it and, this is edgy, but it's a sign that we're becoming more American too. I've always said that if Asians want to take advantage of the American experience, they have to encourage their children to do all kinds of jobs. Be a porn star. Why not, if you're male? We don't have any male porn stars. Whenever I see a homeless Asian guy, I feel happy. I go: there you go. If I saw an Asian NASCAR driver, great.

"Do I feel role-model pressure from the community? No, because you get a sense of encouragement from it."

On big, and bigger:

"You know, I've been so close to huge movies, but I've had so many disappointments. In the last couple of years, I've lost parts in the biggest comedy hits. I just can't get in."

Bobby Lee Quotes/Catch Phrases

Famous Catch-Phrases:

"Uh oh! Hot dog!" --Bae Sung
"Huh?" --Dr. Poon Ji-Sum (Attidues and Feelings, Both Desirable and Sometimes Secretive)
"It is I, the Blind Kung Fu Master!" --Blind Kung Fu Master

Memorable Quotes:

"You know, we all don't own a Chinese laundry, we all don't have buck teeth, we all don't speak with accents." --Bobby Lee
"People treat you like s*** when you're a doorman or a busboy. I licked envelopes for eight hours a day for this management company and cried half the time I was there while the managers were on the phone working." --Bobby Lee
"I went to Tokyo three years ago. It was a job, though. I did an ad campaign for IBM, so they flew me out there to take pictures of me. It was IBM Global. It went to Australia, France, London, all over the world. But I think the ad campaign was a failure, because of me." --Bobby Lee
"I know I'm funny. It's not a cockiness thing -- I just came out f***ed up that way. I know I can get laughs anywhere, in front of any crowd, if I'm given the chance." --Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee Comedy Video - Kims of Comedy Description

Hold the soy! four top asian comedians break new ground with an uncompromising look at asian culture and some hilarious ethnic hang-ups. They tell it like it is - the question -- is can you take it? get more than you bargained for with the kims of comedy.

Bobby Lee Comedy Video - Comedy Zen Description

ImaginAsian TV’s original series "Comedy Zen" features a multiethnic roster of the country’s brightest and hysterical stand-up acts.

Bobby Lee Quotes - Comedy Quotes, Comedian Quotes, Funny Quote, Funny Quotes

From WikiQuote

"Take a step into my Daewoo" - Bobby Lee Comedy Quotes

"It's like...UH-OH HOT DOG!" - Bobby Lee Comedy Quotes

(After cleaning a vehicle with the Vehicular Verbalert System) "It is clean."
"Good evening I'm Connie Chung" - Bobby Lee Comedy Quotes

"Maury!" - Bobby Lee Comedy Quotes

[With Asian Accent] "Freeeeezzzzzaaa LAPD!" - Bobby Lee Comedy Quotes

(As Cho, after he is told he does not normally do something he is yelled at for doing)

"Sometimes I do." - Bobby Lee Comedy Quotes

"Name's Tank!" - Bobby Lee Comedy Quotes

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